My Forest Utopia Jenna dolan

Motto- To live is to be free

Symbol 1- Leaves will be a big symbol for our life and livelihood.

Food- The food my utopia will eat will be mostly made up of fruit and sushi. There is a group of people that it is there job to collect the food. There will also be a group that it is their job to grow the fruit and make sure its safe for us to eat.

Symbol 2- This tree is a symbol for our life here in the forest. This tree helps us all live

Shelter- We all live in a giant tree. The tree is all hollow and is like a big house on the inside. It looks small on the outside but in the inside it's huge. This tree gives us everything thing we need to stay safe from the weather and predators.

Symbol 3- This symbol is a deer to show how free we are in our tribe and now we own the forest.

Entertainment- Our entertainment will revolve around deer racing and dancing. Our tribe has its own dances and songs we sing to celebrate things and just to have fun.

Symbol 4- Flowers are our next symbol for our tribe it show how beautiful we are and how we are all happy in our utopia.

Clothing- Our clothing will be made up of leaves, moss, flowers, and mushrooms. Depending on what part of the tribe you are part of you will have a different outfit made out of different things. Each part has their own jobs so the outfit matches the job they have to do.

Symbol 5- This symbol is the water is means that we fresh and that we can flow through any obstacle the forest puts up for us.

Essentials- One of the essentials we have is love. Each of us has one soulmate for our life but you get to pick who it is. Another essential we have is art, we will have paint and other art supplies to show our creativity. We will also have many doctors specialized in different fields so that no matter what you have you can always be helped.

Symbol 6- Red mushrooms are a symbol for our creativity and pride we have in our tribe.

Rationale- My motto says to live is to be free and that means you will always have freedom to do whatever you want in our tribe. If you want to change your job you are allowed to. You receive the freedom to do whatever you want. We don't have a government because we all work together. No one will be punished and if they really have to it will be kind. To live in the forest to to be free and have the freedom you deserve no matter who you are.

My Utopia


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