Extinguish Extinction By: Adam Provost

Amur Leopards are a highly endangered species indigenous to the jungle regions of northern China and the far east border or Russia

But with the increasing rate of deforestation this once thriving habitat has been exponentially diminishing along with the Amur leopards hope

Stealing an environment from a species effects it negatively in almost every possible way, hurting each individual member and the population as a whole

Deforestation is a murderous business that kills everything in its way

Competing for food, territory, and dominance causes a plethora of issues for these Leopards

Yes, there is a problem. But yes, there is also hope.


Created with images by Unsplash - "waterfall jungle cliff" • Son of Groucho - "Second Cenote 8" • Foundry - "life beauty scene" • flickrfavorites - "Tree Climber Amur Leopard" • crustmania - "Deforestation" • Jan Hedström - "Deforestation" • spencer77 - "Amur Leopard (Panthera pardus), Colchester Zoo" • Fleedleflump - "tiger cat yawn" • Steve Wilson - over 8 million views Thanks !! - "Just try and take it !! (EXPLORE)"

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