William Osler Health System

Ianna Samantha Molina

Supervisor: Emma Pace
Teacher : Lori D'Agostino

January 24,2017

Table of Contents

  • Exit Resume
  • Final Thank you Letter
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Evidence of Personal Growth
  • Photos
  • Post-secondary research
  • Exit interview
  • Subject Link and placement Reflection
  • Faith Reflection
  • Final Reflection Journal
  • Weekly Log Tracking
  • Student Self Evaluation

Exit Resume

Final Thank you Letter

Letter of Recommendation

Evidence of Personal Growth

WHMIS Certificate

Worker Health and Safety Awareness Certificate

Certificate of Completion

Post Secondary Research

Goal -> Doctor/ Surgeon

Doctors are one of the most competitive career to be in today. To be a physician requires determination, passion and skills to succeed in this career. Simply, going in to medical school is really tough because there is a lot of competition and there is just limited slots. The education that is required to attain my preferred career is to graduate University with premed course. I should be taking the required courses for medical school and at the same time maintaining a high GPA no lower than 3.0. After attaining my degree, I need to take the MCAT test to apply in Medical School. The medical schools that I found that offer the required education, is University of Toronto and Waterloo University. The length and cost of the required education training will approximately take me 4 years in University 4-5 years in Medical School , and Residency ranges to 2-5 years. The cost of of the required education, is approximately 18,000 per year for University, and a minimum of 18,424 per year in MedSchool.

My post secondary plan

Since I am taking applied courses, I need to take bridging courses in order to graduate with a Degree. My plan is to study Biotechnology Advanced in Seneca College which is a 3 year program and it will allow me to bridge to Bachelor of Science in York University for 1.5 years. After attaining my Degree, I plan to attend medical school in Waterloo University. I am still unsure what specialization should I take but, one of the prospective career that I want is Optometrist.

Exit Interview

Do you have any advice for future co-op students entering this placement?

Bring a change to your community by volunteering in the hospital like William Osler. If you are planning to pursue medical career, hospitals are a great way to expose yourself in the work environment and at the same time you are helping the community.

In which area of the Final Employer Performance Appraisal (Responsibility, Initiative, Organization, Collaboration, and Self- Regulation) did I do well? In which area do I still need improvement?

You did well on your responsibility, Initiative and Self Regulation. You don't need to be told twice to what you need to do. I like the way how you come up in the morning and just do your own thing.

Any final words?

I hope you succeed in your career and I hope that William Osler had been a great stepping stone for you. We will surely miss you and thank you so much for working with us.

Subject Link and Placement Correlation Reflection

My experience here at Co-op helped me on many aspects in life especially on my studies. This experience had not only made me a better individual but also helped me through my studies/education. Working in the hospital allowed me to view and learn about different types of health issue or illnesses. I was assigned in two different departments; the Rehab Department and the Cardiology Department, where I had learned many things about physical well being and conditions of the heart. I had also learned how to do V.A.C therapy which I found useful for my Health and Wellness course. I found my experience here at the hospital useful for my Biology subject that I will be taking next semester. With this experience, I am confident that I will be equipped with the knowledge and information I have acquired at William Osler Health System.

Faith Reflection

There has been a big connection between my faith and my experience on my placement at William Osler. For the past 3 months working in the hospital, I had a lot of experiences with patients. Every patient has different stories and different problems. I had met a few patients that had made my co-op experience memorable. Through their experience, I had develop empathy and somehow strengthen my faith . I had met a patient that is very religious and I always see her every morning doing rosary. This makes me evaluate my faith in God. I am amazed by how faithful she was in God even though she is suffering a lot and is confined in the hospital. I also realized that I shouldn’t take my health for granted. This experience had been an eye opener for me, it makes me realize all the things that I need to be thankful for and that I should be faithful even when life’s get rough.

Final Refection Journal

For the past 3 months working on William Osler Hospital as a co-op student, there has been a drastic change within myself as an individual. I have improved the most in having a better understanding of my career and educational goals. Through my experience, working on the hospital made me evaluate my plans and goals for my career. I was exposed to an environment of medical field and I realize that this is what I want to do and where I want to be. It is not easy for me to come to a conclusion of deciding what I want to do in the future before I worked on the hospital as a co-op student. I can say that I know more about myself now than when I started the course.

I have improved and acquired many essential skills for work on my placement. I have learned to work independently on accomplishing tasks by myself. Before I started my placement, I can never go alone when doing tasks and projects. I am afraid of failing by myself so I always resort to group projects. When I started working at William Osler, I was the only volunteer on our side and I am expected to do it alone. With my supervisor’s help I conquered my fear and started working confidently by myself. I can now trust myself and somehow developed courage. I would like to develop more on advocating myself. I am a very timid and shy girl and I had always feared on talking about myself. This had been my problem since I started school because I was always shy to clarify things that I am confused of. I had managed to overcome it little by little but I still want to improve it more so I could be proactive regarding rights and responsibilities.

I have a further understanding of myself now than I had before I started co-op. I am most proud of myself because I had accomplished all of my tasks and responsibilities that I have even though I was very busy. I had managed to pass my assignments on time, to study my lessons, cook my meals, do part time work and to wake up every morning at 5. It had been very stressful semester for me and I’m happy to finally accomplished it. I will never forget this experience because I know that I had given all of my best efforts and succeed through hard work.

I have learned about myself as a future member of the work force by someone who takes initiative and get along well with other workers. I am someone who takes initiative by doing tasks that had not been specifically assigned to me such as removing linens, wiping slippery floor, decorating and taking down of christmas decorations. I also had a good communication and relationship with my co-workers. Sometimes I am shadowing(observing their duties and assignments) blood collectors, nurses, and doctors because I feel comfortable talking to them. I would like to improve more on voicing my opinion and view on a subject. Sometimes I have ideas that I think that can contribute to the work but I always keep it in because I’m afraid of being criticized.

The most admirable and inspiring person that I look up to is my supervisor, Emma Pace. Whenever I see her on the workplace, she will always be smiling and laughing. She is a breath of fresh air to the hospital. She makes the environment positive and warm. I love how passionate she is on doing her line of work. She looks happy and fulfilled by her career and I wish that I could also be successful and fulfilled on my chosen career.

My co-op experience had assisted me and open my eyes on making my future choices and plans. I had witness different procedures while working in the hospital, and what really struck in me, is the doctor who had done the bone marrow biopsy to the patient. I really wanted to become a doctor but, I don’t know specifically what specialty I would like to be in. After observing the procedure, I wanted to become a surgeon. I believe that I know myself more than I’ve ever been for the past 18 years.



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