podcast artwork portfolio all artwork by pam covarrubias

host photo

The following artworks were created utilizing the host photo. Because of the nature of their shows, the hosts believe their photo was necessary to appear on the artwork.

All photography was provided by the host and we received permission from the photographer to use the photos for their artwork.

Some hosts provided brand guidelines and we worked closely together to make sure their artwork aligned with their brand guidelines.

Dr. Somekh provided brand guidelines and professional photography to create her artwork
Stacey provided brand guidelines and professional photos. We worked closely together to make sure the message the artwork conveyed stayed within brand while brining a new and fresh approach.
Seth provided a podcast artwork he created with Canva and we closely worked together to incorporate his photo and also stay within brand.

text only

The following artworks were created without a photo of the hosts and the use of typography was highly curated to align with the message of the podcast and the client brand guidelines (when provided).

Most of these artworks are interview based artworks and the hosts didn't think their photo was necessary since they'd be bringing guests to their show.

This is an exception since the host photo is on the artwork, but it's not the focal point. Sarah wanted her photo to be on the artwork, but not be the focal point, so we decided to make it small and make the focal point the figure of justice since she'd be interviewing women in the justice system. We utilized brand colors and achieved the feminine look while providing a powerful serious look.
Michel wanted to create an ambiguous artwork that sparked curiosity to his listeners. He wanted a combination of typography and a simple illustration without being too obvious of what the podcast is about. Michel talks about strategies to improve your life through mind control tricks and tips.
Working with Dr Hotze was super interesting as I learned a lot about the element helium. We played with different ideas of where helium exists (the sun, neon lights and balloons) and we settled on a neon light look since it created a more serious look. Dr. Hotze and Dr. Hendren have a highly niched audience: PhD students and university faculty.

illustrative and handwritten

The following artworks were created using a more illustrative and free flowing approach. The look and feel of the artwork was created thinking of the message of the artwork and working closely with the client as well as branding guidelines.

Beth was looking for a fully illustrative artwork that represented Los Angeles. Beth is an animal lover and works closely with dog shelters. Dogs of LA podcast will feature stories of dogs she gets to meet and she'd write a story about them and share it on the show, with the "dog's voice." Beth provided an illustration she had paid for on Fiverr as an inspiration, however, the illustration wasn't quite there. Beth loves bright pastel colors and we worked together to make sure the look and feel of the artwork reflected her fun personality.
Louisa and Mike are retired and they travel the country in their RV. They live a minimalistic vegan life and they began sharing their journey on their blog. Louisa realized there were a lot of fun facts she was finding out when they started traveling so she decided to create a podcast to share those stories. We settled on a handwritten artwork that represents their non-structured life
Latinx Therapy was created with the audience in mind, Adriana wanted an artwork that represented her culture and also her audience's. Adriana was very clear she wanted an artwork with fun colors and letters and I created these custom letters that remind us of the richness of Latinx cultures. Latinx Therapy was featured on iTunes and continues to get attention for the incredible content.

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