"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." ~Benjamin Franklin

Product-based portfolios create the opportunity for seniors to excel regardless of their preferred learning style.

By incorporating multiple styles of learning, portfolios challenge students to broaden their methods of learning.

The change in methods of learning results in a change of learning styles for seniors, that can enhance the academic performance of seniors who are ready to graduate.

By incorporating a product-based portfolio, Liberty Christian Academy seniors can rise above other applicants when applying to colleges or jobs. The portfolios create the benefit of presenting material in a form that showcases the students’ abilities as well as having the benefit of giving the seniors a head start by already knowing how to construct a portfolio.

Incorporation of a product-based portfolio can be presented in four steps:

1. Develop a knowledge base including the development of the portfolio as well as developing relationships with colleges and local employers.

2. Determine the mission, purpose, and the desired student outcomes of the portfolio.

3. Develop the process or curriculum including what is expected of the students.

4. Launch a pilot program that is open to feedback to better improve the program.


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