Good Life Tour of the Harn By: Alexander Tatti

Scholar in a Garden

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist:The Scholar in a Garden piece is by far my favorite out of all of the others I viewed. I thought it was interesting with how much nature was the focus of the work which is seen with how little the people are as compared to the trees and the stream. This just shows how little and insignificant we are when we care to compare ourselves to the entirety of nature. I also really like the colors used within the work. They were not flashy but they were enough to make the artwork pop out to me. This piece really just reminded that the world is much more than just us humans. We have to remember that others occupy it and own it as well.

Design of the Museum: I found the European Prints to be the most interesting of all the galleries I visited. I really liked the realism depicted in the artwork with most showing either architecture or just the hardships people faced at the time. The shading within each work was really amazing because it made me realize that art does not need color to truly stand out. This whole exhibit just left in awe with how interesting sketches could be.

Art and Core Values: I believe that an individual is always their strongest when they have friends and loved ones with them. I really these value within the work Con todo Repecto. It depicts Nahum Zenil, Frida Kahlo, and others on a bus. While the painting does appear somewhat shallow at the surface, it appears much stronger when you read about the artist. Despite the trials and tribulations Zenil faced throughout his life as a gay man, he still fought for rights because he was empowered by those who followed and supported him. When viewing the work, feel amazed on how much more confident you become when you have other that believe in you and what you are doing.

Art and the Good Life: I felt this piece really depicted the celebrating aspect within the Good Life. Much like how we celebrate things such as the Sabbath or sporting events, more somber events, like the funeral depicted, can be celebrated. There won't be fireworks and parties when one is held, instead, participants will celebrate the life and accomplishments of that individual in remembrance of them. This work shows that despite how sad it is when a loved one dies, it can still be celebrated and shared in order to pay their respects and remember them.

Images used were taken by myself and my mother.

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