Journey Log Reflection dukes-willyd

My Journey Logs have acted as a summary of my difficulties in the class over the course of the semester. I learned which habits of mind were relevant to me and which I only wrote about out of habit. More than four of the habits of mind are important to me however I will only go into detail on the four that I feel have been the most influential in my life.

The first habit of mind I have discovered to be crucial in my life is creativity. Creativity separates the successful from the unsuccessful. This can be applied and true for employment, for hobbies, and for anything in life realistically. A creative engineer will have many designs and builds that are much better than an engineer that is not creative. A creative lawyer will find a different way to do research, make arguments, and display evidence that will be difficult to fight against in trial. Somebody that is creative will find a way to use their ingenuity to make all kinds of interesting and cool home-made devices that will be very useful and inexpensive. This is a trait that I will always strive to improve in myself. It is being taught more in youth education than it has been recently because people are starting to see the importance of creativity.

The next habit of mind I have found to be important to me is openness. I did a thorough explanation of why openness has been hardwired into me in Journey Log 1 . In summary, my headmaster of my high school was an avid believer in getting out of your comfort zone. What this meant for the students was that all our school trips were aimed at uncomfortable situations that would make memories to last a life time and conquer fears. This included repelling waterfalls, climbing through tiny tunnels, and staying with a family in a poor part of Costa Rica that doesn't speak any English. Openness is something that will be beneficial for any job in life as it will open the door to many opportunities that would never have been available otherwise.

Persistence has been described to me my entire life as character building. And if it is true that all those miserable things are character building then I must be full of character. All jokes aside, there have been many times in my life that I have despised what I had to do for long periods of time, and I am sure the future will hold even more situations like these, but I have learned that sometimes you have to push through and it will be worth while in the end. In the past this was football year round. In the future I am sure it will be work. But being able to be persistent is what will help me push through. As I like to say "you can never experience heaven if you have never gone through hell". I am not sure if that is a real saying but I have always enjoyed it.

The final habit that is meaningful to me is curiosity. I hope that I can always remain curious. I want to always want to learn more than I know. I hope to see things driving when I am old and have a deep intellectual internal monologue about it before I look up what is really out there.

These four habits of mind have been the most meaningful to me so they were the most written about in my journal logs throughout the semester. However, there were other trends as well. These would change at different times, usually about every three weeks, and mostly consisted on the subject at hand in the class.

The first phase was about my background and how it affected my writing skills and personality that would be noticeable in the class. These were some of the more sincere post that would mostly describe how the habits of mind came into my life. Most of them included one of the works we read in class and how it was helpful or was similar to one of the habits.

The next phase was all about the different struggles I had with the research paper. These were just summaries of the process I underwent through all the phases of my paper. I would intertwine habits of mind into them by saying how I had to utilize one skill or another in order to get through that part.

The final phase was all to do with minecraft. These would explain my different builds or discuss the different projects that we were working on.

As you can see I had three major phases of conversation in my journey logs, however I did not accomplish what I wanted to with them. I wanted to be bold and try crazy things in my writing. However, I think I never really did this in my journey logs because they became something I just had to complete by class Tuesday with specific guidelines. The only work I can recall being happy about my bullshit in my writing was on Raid 1 that was a personal narrative. In this I remember stating that I was in a youth racquetball league that was well known for the shit talk and fights. At the same time I built the story off of a true story of hitting my brother in the head with a racket. So i was very pleased with how this work was a calm combination of fun and truth. For the rest of my works I was just trying to hit requirements and get grades unfortunately.

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