Grace VanderWaal Ukulele player, singer, songwriter

Grace VanderWaal performing her audition in front of the judges.

Grace VanderWaal isn't just your average 13 year old. She is a singer, songwriter, and a ukulele player. Grace VanderWaal is a perfect example of a Renaissance girl. Grace was born on January 15th of 2004 in Lenexa, Kansas. One of her many talents is playing the ukulele. She started to play the ukulele 1 year ago when she was 11. One of her friends came from Brazil and visited her and she had brought a ukulele with her, Grace wanted to try it out. She then went out and bought herself one. She taught herself how to play by watching YouTube tutorials. In addition to her ukulele talent, she is a songwriter. She started writing her own songs at the age of three! Now she is a singing sensation! People all around the world are now listening to her songs! Overall, with her talents and successes Grace VanderWaal is the perfect Renaissance girl!

Grace VanderWaal has accomplished many things with her talents and her life as a pop star has just begun. First of all, when Grace was 12 she had tried out for America’s Got Talent! Grace’s performance blew the judges away and ended up getting the GOLDEN BUZZER that automatically moved her to the next round! Later on, she ended up winning America’s Got Talent with a million dollar prize. That's not all, after winning Grace signed a record deal with “Columbia Records” and made her first CD called “Perfectly Imperfect” with her original songs. Now, Grace is homeschooled and enrolled in online classes. In addition, she is planning to give some of her money to a music charity. To sum it up, Grace VanderWaal's accomplishments will lead her into a wonderful, successful life!

Before Grace VanderWaal was on America’s Got Talent, Grace had many other interests and hobbies. First off, Grace loved to hang out with her sister. In addition, Grace liked to hang out with her family and her dogs. Grace also, loved to sing and write songs like “I Don't Know My Name” along with playing the ukulele. Besides playing the ukulele, Grace also played the saxophone in her school band. In conclusion, Grace VanderWaal has many different interests and hobbies that she had before she was on America's Got Talent!

Grace performing her last song for the finals.

These are all of Grace's original songs.

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