Education in Romania Romanian schooling vs. American schooling

Schooling Schedule: In Romania, the school year is typically split into summer and winter semesters. The first semester begins in September and lasts until February, while the second semester is from February to June. Vacation times are generally scheduled over Easter, Christmas and occasionally in the summer.

Public Education: Like the United States, Romanian schooling consists of public education. Public education in Romania is free for all residents. Because there aren't many first-class schools, those who have a good reputation often require long waiting lists. As a result, overcrowding occurs causing classes to be split into morning and afternoon shifts to accommodate more students.

Private Education: On the flip side, there are private Romanian schools. Due to the fall of communism, the number of private schools has increased. Private education is available for all kindergarten level to high school students. However, it doesn't usually follow national curriculum. Because of this, private schools in Romania tend to be quite expensive. Therefore, only the wealthier families find it affordable.

International Schooling: If you are an expat in Romania, it is best for you to attend an international school. The International schooling program offers affordable, high quality education for the young expat community. An expatriate, shortened to expat is one who lives outside their native country.


  • Recent studies show that approximately 3.75 million children, students, and trainees attend Romania 's national education system.
  • Romanian women generally attend school longer than men.
  • High school students take up to 14 subjects at once.
  • Student admission to the high school is based on test scores.


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