In Defense of Donna Osborn

Logos is to convince an audience by use of logic or reason. Ethos is to convince an audience of the author’s credibility or character. Pathos is to persuade an audience by appealing to their emotions.

Ethos: Without a doubt Donna is innocent and a victim to battered wife syndrome as well respected expert on psychological disease Kim Lenore has intensively studied Donna’s mental state. The author and graduate of multiple prestigious universities including Cornell has well known and valued psychiatric evaluations as she has “testified in over 25 cases on behalf of women responded properly to violent abuse from their significant others.” This experience in cases like this should be a sign to all those who doubt Donna and her struggles as it is very unlikely she has fooled such an educated and accomplished woman of science.

Pathos: Donna Osborn herself, when asked for her testimony, first explains her passive attitude when the abuse first started happening. She states how she “tried not to dwell on Clinton’s behavior” most of the time. She tried to stay thankful since she “was living in a “home, far nicer than the house [she] grew up in” and due to her “lovely son who [she] cared for deeply. Her strong nature allowed her to ignore the abuse to an extent. Surely a woman with this grateful attitude could not hold the title as a murderer.

Logos (Jack Mathews): On account of helping prove Ms. Osborne innocent the statement provided by Jack Mathews helps provide some insight about her life at home. In following after seeking out a job at the university in which she worked: shortly after she met our witness Mr. Matthews. After a few days of showing her around they finally got a short amount of time together after instruction in which Ms. Osborne confided in him. During that Mr. Matthews stated that “she had told [him] about what was going on [at home] with Clint she described years of physical abuse and isolation”. Logically speaking she saw him as a source she was able to confide in enabling her to open up and vent. Therefore giving her someone to talk to after feeling utterly trapped.


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