6 Fitness Fundraisers Is your fundraiser promoting health and wellness?

Childhood health and wellness is a vital part of any school. From providing balanced food options at lunch to promoting getting in 60 minutes of exercise a day, our schools play a huge role in making sure to promote physical health.

Rather than sell chocolate or pizza kits, which do nothing but slow down growing bodies, why not try a fitness-based fundraiser?

We have six different ideas from schools who have teamed up with us for their fundraisers. Check them out and contact us to get movin' toward your health and monetary goals this season!

The Amazing Race!

Want to shake up your Fun Run or Jog-Athon this year? Try an Amazing Race theme! This event will use the talents, athletic ability, intelligence and fun spirit of every student to perform different tasks in the allotted time frame.

Each task completed earns the team (classroom) points - as does the amount each student raises. The team with the most points wins fun prizes throughout the donation period!

Ninja Warrior Challenge

Our client, Aspen Academy hosts a Ninja Warrior Challenge each year and always raises BIG money. But, they weren't the only ones to use this fun idea - Mt. George International School also did a Ninja Challenge and raised almost $50k!

This fundraiser utilizes different stations with fun fitness challenges like climbing rope, tire jumps, and quick sprints. Kids love the activities and the variation!

Color War

Immaculate Conception School hosted a Color War and raised over $25k! This is a great way to combine a Color Run with a fun school-wide competition. Each grade has a different color and competes against each other in different academic and fitness challenges. The winning colors get fun prizes throughout the donation period!

Superhero Sprint

This is a great way to shake up your Jog-Athon, by adding a fun theme to center your event around. You can incorporate fun superhero or comic elements like adding a cape to your school mascot to use as the logo for the run.

You can also have teachers and staff dress up as superheros to deliver fundraising announcements throughout the donation period. Students can dress up for the day of the run - best costume wins a prize!

Stone Creek raised over $29k - which is $21k MORE than they've raised in the past with their Superhero Sprint fundraiser!


Emerson Parkside Academy hosted a Boogie Down and Sweat for Science Zumbathon! It doesn't get more creative than that. Emerson created this fundraiser to keep their science program alive at their school and they raised major $$!

With a Zumbathon, students get to dance and break a sweat during the event period! You can have dance breaks throughout the day or a dedicated hour where kids can dance to different styles of music.

Kickball Tournament

Collierville Middle School hosts an annual Kickball Tournament for their fundraiser. It is organized into homerooms competing with double elimination. Points are earned for wearing team t-shirts, # of students with any donation amount, and runs scored. Winner gets a trophy!

This is an awesome way to motivate middle schoolers or a great event for a sports team/league.

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