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Mrs. Howard, Learning Commons Assistant, lhoward@mckinneyisd.net

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  • NEW!!! National Library Week is April 7-13, 2019 - Fun Facts about Bennett Learning Commons
  • NEW!!! Free eBook & Audiobook Resource: Sora App
  • NEW!!! Digital Leadership Theme: Build a positive self image and show manners online (Netiquette)
  • Host a Parent-Led or Student- Led Makerspace Workshop
  • Book Circulation Stats
  • Makerspace Stats
  • 1st-5th Braum's Reading Program for 1st - 5th Grade
  • K-2 Texas 2X2 Reading Challenge
  • Texas 2X2 Hall of Famers
  • Texas Roadhouse Monthly Reading Challenge
  • FYI: After-School Clubs Book, STEM, & Makerspace Clubs offered by Mrs. Stallbaumer.

National Library week, april 7-13

Fun facts about Bennett Elementary's Learning Commons

  • The Bennett Elementary library, and all MISD libraries are called The Learning Commons.
  • Librarians in McKinney ISD are called Media Resource Specialist (MRS) instead of Library Media Specialist (LMS).
  • This school year is Mrs. Stallbaumer's 4th year to serve as Bennett Elementary's Media Resource Specialist.
  • This school year is Mrs. Howard's 15th year to serve as Bennett Elementary's Learning Commons Assist.
  • The Bennett Learning Commons houses 20,407 books and resources.
  • Top 3 Homerooms for Book Checkouts: 1)Mrs. Blazek 2) Mrs. Schindler 3)Mrs. Simmons
  • The most books checked out this year in one month was 3,491 books, in September.
  • So far this school year, the Bennett Elementary Learning Commons has circulated (checked out) 20,798 books.
  • Our top student patron has checked out 181 books. The second top patron having checked out 179 books.
  • Top 10 books checked out:

1) Wonder-58 checkouts

2) Big Nate: In a Class of Himself-55 checkouts

3) Big Nate Strikes Again-53 checkouts

4) Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late-48 checkouts

5) Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth-47 checkouts

6) The Ugly Duckling Gets a Cookie-47 checkouts

7)Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules-46 checkouts

8)Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever-41 checkouts

9)Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw-40 checkouts

10) Prince of the Elves: Amulet-39 checkouts

Sora eBook & Audiobook App

April Digital Leadership Theme: building a positive self image and showing manners online (Netiquette)

McKinney is changing our vocabulary when it comes to digital citizenship. Our goal is not not only develop good digital citizens, but also students who are digital leaders. Each month, Bennett Elementary connects the monthly character trait to a district digital leadership theme to help develop students to be good digital leaders. The monthly character trait for April is manners. Students will focus on netiquette (online etiquette).

Parent-Led Makerspace Workshop Opportunity

Student-led Makerspace workshop opportunity

Book Circulation Stats

During the first two weeks of school, every student at Bennett Elementary had the opportunity to check out at least one library book after their Learning Commons Orientation.

August: 1,715 books

September: 3,491 books

October: 3,341 books

November: 2,112 books

December: 2,124 books

January: 3,027 books

February: 2,511 books

March: 2,477 books

Makerspace Stats

Teachers determine when students come to the Makerspace. Mrs. Stallbaumer hosts small group workshops and whole class Makerspace sessions. To learn more about the Makerspace, please check out the Makerspace Google Site. All 560 first - fifth grade students attended a Makerspace orientation in September.

Monthly Makers, Coders, Builders, and Problem Solvers Stats

September: 163 students

October: 596 students

November: 199 students

December: 553 students

January: 478 students

February: 784 students

March: 920 students

1st-5th Braum's book Buddy Program

What? Bennett Elementary is once again partnering with Braum's to promote literacy and a lifelong love of literature. First through Fifth grade students have the opportunity to earn up to 6 coupons: 2 single dip cones, 2 soft frozen yogurt cones, and 2 single dip sundaes.

Who? Bennett 1st-5th graders. (Unfortunately, Braum's does not offer this reading program to Kindergarteners.)

When? October 2019 thru May 30, 2019 (Look for the Braum's Book Buddy Booklet & Braum's Reading Log in your child's Tuesday folder on October 9.)

How? Every time a student reads 6 books (up to 36 books), they will receive a coupon. After they have read 6 books, students should bring the completed reading log and their Braum's Book Buddy Booklet to Mrs. Stallbaumer or Mrs. Howard in the Learning Commons. Students will receive stickers to put in their Braum's Book Buddy Booklet and the coupon they earned. To earn all 6 coupons, students will need to read a total of 36 books.

K-2nd Texas 2X2 Reading Challenge

Texas 2X2 Hall of Fame

Congratulation to our Hall of Fame students. We are so proud of you for completing this reading challenge. We look forward to adding new students to the Hall of Fame each month.

Texas Roadhouse Monthly Reading Challenge

After-School Book Clubs, STEM, & Makerspace Clubs offered by Mrs. Stallbaumer

Mrs. Stallbaumer occasionally offers after-school clubs for students. After-school clubs are contingent on her schedule, as they are offered after hours. These clubs are typically grade level specific and require student registration by a parent or guardian. Please note that space is limited and on a first-come basis. The best way to find out about any after-school clubs offered by Mrs. Stallbaumer is to read the Learning Commons Newsletter each week, which is linked in the weekly Bear Business. Most of the newsletter will remain consistent for the month, but please check back weekly for any new information or club offerings. Additionally, all clubs will be promoted on morning announcements.

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