Back on the Road to Recovery Kevin Ivers, bridgman

We all suffer from a bad night of sleep from time to time, but imagine if, nightly, you awoke to extreme pain that just wouldn’t go away? That was the harsh reality for 59-year-old Kevin Ivers.

"The pain was constant at night. It was exhausting!"

The Berrien RESA Superintendent's love of running came to an abrupt halt after he was diagnosed with hip bursitis. The condition can cause significant hip and thigh pain that gets worse with physical activity, and at night, when a person has been lying down for a long time. Kevin ended up putting in a call to Lakeland Orthopedic Physical Therapy, where he was connected to Sara McComish, DPT.

Calling Sara was one of the best decisions I ever made. She taught me how to stretch properly.

Kevin now visits the gym three times a week where he follows a strict workout routine using bands, foam rollers and machines that target the tissues around his hip. Kevin says he's committed to the program because it works.

"I'm so thankful the solution did not require surgery!"

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