Shoreditch Let's paint the town.

Ewww... Shoreditch? Isn't that a breed of dog?

Often mistaken for rundown, and simply inhabited by the misfortunate, Shoreditch is actually growing to be one of the trendiest areas of London since its recent gentrification. Technologically popularised by the rise of the 'Silicon Roundabout'; creatively impacted by hoards of media and design icons starting up in the area; shaped as a residential destination by the conversion of former industrial buildings to modern flats and studio apartments; and finally culturally shaped by all the different backgrounds and lives that live in this slice of style.

Pfff... Anyone with a can of spray paint can be an artist nowadays.

It's not by any means the Louvre, but believe it or not, Shoreditch has some serious potential to be one of the world's biggest and most affluent living galleries of street art (also known as graffiti to the rest of the world). And I don't mean living as in Night of the Museum alive, but it really feels like it's forever changing and shifting and being manipulated by all of its creators - an eclectic bunch of some of the most underappreciated people in the creative industry.

So... That's it then? Surely that can't be it?

Well, that's only a small portion of Shoreditch, it also offers the quirkiness of Brick Lane's vintage shops; the small and simple restaurants and shops of the Boxpark; for the more traditionally minded, there's always St Leonard's Church, hosting the famous Bells of Shoreditch. There's also ping pong, clubs, bars, street food, tours, museums and pretty much anything else you could want from a pocket of London.

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