Sunday Supplement 49 - emotional attachment the skylark collective channelled by lesley curtis

We would talk of a story. Words that are joined up together of course become a story. And it is true to say that the life of a person may become a story that one may write about. And one may almost be able to see one’s life on the pages of the book that has been written. And some aspects that are written in words upon those pages may lift and become more bold where they are emotionally charged and where they are of greater significance as opposed to other parts of the book where happenings and occasions and occurrences were slightly more mundane.

When looking at the book it is in retrospect of course for the future pages have not yet been written. Although there may be inkling of where the story may go there is no definite record for it has not yet occurred for how can there be a record if it has not yet occurred?

However, one may look upon the past pages of the book of one’s life and understand certain situations in a different light for one has looked back and one has understood. And whereas before such occasions may have been of great influence and a great emotional attachment, when one views the situation in retrospect one can almost wonder how one may have had that emotional attachment, for it may no longer exist.

That is nothing to cry about. It is nothing to be upset or alarmed about. It is simply the process of life; the moving from one place to another. With the aid of understanding one can step further forward and one can progress one’s life without such drama.

It is important not to become emotionally attached to the emotional attachments one could say!

Creating inner harmony through Sound, Song, Voice and Word, Lesley Curtis is a story teller, performer, musician and trance channel medium who works with the Skylark Collective to bring forward wisdom and perspective. She is available for performance, talks, voicework, workshops, teaching and one-to-one channelled life-guidance consultations.

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