The Rennissance Monserrat Ibarra

MARCO POLO AND THE SILK ROAS. races:The reopening of the Silk Road the chines and Romans did business together from about AD to 1 to 200.products moved east and west along the Silk Road.this caravan route started in china and ended at the Mediterranean Sea.when the Roman Empire and the Han dynasty fell soldiers no longer protected travelers between Europe and a result use of the Silk Road declined.then in the 1200s the mongols took over china.they once again made the roads safer for travelers and traders.among these traders were a remarkable man form Venice,named Marco Polo and his family.


Medici Family⬇️

rediscovering the past did Greek and Roman classical ideas help shape the development of the renaissance?classical ideas helped shape the development of the renaissance by the love of art and education 2.Add a glidshow representing the different Greek and Roman classical ideas?one of the classical ideas is the movable type.

So what this is this is a scolpture of someone from the renaissance and I choose this picture because Leonardo de Vinci was one-of the best sculptures in his time.and he didn't have good equipment to make it fast.but in just time he finished it for the pope to see.

This is a 3D picture of the renaissance and the person who drew it was Leonardo de Venice and he has painted many famous 3D paintings.

This represents if your body is fully healthy and it represents if it show the body is perfect.

These are coins that people use to carry around in the renaissance they would carry that in Florence but when Leonardo de Vinci travels he discover paper money.

This painting is painted by Leonardo de Venice this painting took him 5years to make he was the only one that was able to look at it and the pope peeked and Leonardo threw the paint brush at him and just kept on working to this day that painting is still there.

Paper and printing Johan Gutenberg)

What the movable types do is they carve letters into a block of a letter and they put the block in ink and press and print.

Renaissance writing (William Shakespeare's)

William Shakespeare writing reflected the ideas of humanism because he wrote in English so he wrote in everyone's language and Leonardo de vinci was famous for his paintings but people didn't take him seriously because he didn't writ in Italian.but in the theater everyone had there own little section like the peasants on one side and the rich on there own section of where they sit.

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