NYCB Theatre A child Enrichment Program

This project idea is to enrich, delight and educate children in areas where their government has failed them. We will be bringing music to the most underfunded area in New York and put on a concert/music festival with a multitude of selections/genres of music. In all of New York State, the Westbury school system is rated the number one underfunded school. We want to fight back at this, putting on a show in NYCB Theatre at Westbury. This location is local and can seat up to 2,870 people, which encourages our idea of community as the space allows for all of both the high school and middle school combined at an eye opening 2,341 students.

We don’t expect a full attendance, however, we actually expect maybe half of the student body from each school to show which would allow parents/other community members to come in at a cost. Students with a valid student ID will be getting free entry, food and drink excluded, and at $25 a ticket for adults, we believe that a show like this is affordable, educational and most importantly fun for everyone!

With this first show, we’d like to create a movement to spread awareness for the arts. Taking whatever profits/donations we receive we’d use them to create an annual and ever expanding music festival in which we get popular artists to perform, for little to no pay, and give these disadvantaged kids all over the state and eventually the entire US something they would otherwise never have access to.

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