The Fishing Hook By: Braeden LeClair

During the freezing, winter snow storm in December, 2015 my neighbor and I went sledding, we started to get cold with our bones shivering and tongues dry of thirst, so we went inside to get hot chocolate and warm up. We decided to go on the front porch because my dad was on the phone.

In the corner of the porch was a fishing pole and my neighbor looked over, saw it and picked it up. He decided to try and be funny with the fishing pole and starting swinging it. When he was fooling around spinning the pole he swung the pole near me. When I wasn’t paying attention the hook on the end came around and hit me on the thumb and got stuck. When it went in my finger he didn’t notice and kept pulling until I told him to stop, when he stopped it was about a half inch deep to an inch. Luckily, my dad was home and he tried pulling it out but had no luck without me wincing in pain.

We decided to go to the emergency room, the wait there felt like days. When the doctors were ready to see me they gave me shots with thin needles, which seemed as long as a ruler, in my thumb to numb the pain. They came back after a little bit to see if it was numb, they pulled on it to check, but I felt it and my thumb shot with pain. They put some more numbing in and my thumb looked like a watermelon. When my thumb was finally numbed, big, and fat the doctor got ready. He pushed as hard as he could to get the other side out. My mom was watching the whole time and said he was pulling as hard as he can and yanking it. When he was pulling it through as hard as he can I did not feel a thing. He cut the end off and then pulled the other side out, It was bloody, red, and I had two holes in my thumb. When he took the hook out, he stopped the bleeding and gave me a big lumpy bandage on my thumb. After 2 hours in the emergency room on a snow day I finally got home.

I was really bummed out though because I couldn’t do much and wasn't able to go outside on a snow day, instead I was inside get a fishing hook out of my hand. Because of this injury it was hard to write and couldn’t do anything with my hands and upper body. I wasn’t able to play sports for 4 days so I didn’t make the injury worse. That was the longest 4 days of my life. When I saw my neighbor the next day he felt extremely bad. After that it still took time to forgive him but I eventually was able to due to the fact that he was only human and all humans make mistakes.

Even though I was able to forgive him it was still hard but I will still never forget the time he got a fishing hook stuck in my hand.

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