Samurais Vs. Knights By Paul Garza


Samurais, the warriors of the premodern Japanese Age(10th century). Established by the Minamoto Yoritomo which were led by the highest class, the Shogun (Head of the Military gov't of Japan). They had to follow "Bushido" a code that the samurai must follow that you must show loyalty, frugality, martial arts mastery, and honor to death.
What training did they do?

Samurais were the most skilled and efficient warriors in its period. Going through things such as physical training, to studies of Chinese poetry, and spiritual discipline. Most Samurais were Buddhist, two forms of Buddhist, Amida and Zen. Most of them were Zens. Those who believed Amida Believed that all people could reach paradise. Zens believed that meditation relieved stressed self reliance and achieving enlightenment. But they both undergo their very tough training.

What did they Wear?

Each Samurai had a slightly different piece of armor and always had different designs on them. A samurais armor generally took 4 to 7 months to make due to their quality. The basic samurai would wear a dou, the chest piece made up of iron and leather plates, Kusazuri, an iron and leather piece that hangs on the front and back of the dou. Sode, the iron and leather construction to protect the shoulders. Kote, the iron and leather forarm and hand protection. A 3 to 100 metal plated helmet, facial armor, chain armor, thigh guards, and shin guards.

What Weapons did they use?

They used the best weapons that were at its time. The samurai would use a katana, a 23 inch double long sword that is made up of a soft steel core with a harden steel exterior. Its slightly curved and is always hand made. And as a back up sword they use the Wakizashi which means, "short sword". They also use a 7-10 foot bow because samurais were excellent archers.

The samurais were below the daimyos until the daimyos were stronger than the shogun, the samurais allied with the daimyos. They protected Shogun, large quantities of samurais supported the daimyos.

Unique Facts!

Samurais would before putting on helmet burned incense on it to make head smell good if cut off in battle. Also, There were female versions of the Samurai called Onna-Bugeisha. Finally, The katana and wakizashi together were called a daisho, which means a 'big and small set'.


Knights were established in the 500 AD during the Midievel Europe time. They were granted an honory of knighthood by the monarch. they followed Chivalry which idealized knighthood such asbravery, honesty, courtesy, honor, and respect for woman, they also had to spread allegiance to the lord the were to protect.
What Did They Wear?

They wore armor constructively made of steel and brass. The had armor from head to toe with nothing of their body showing. There armor was VERY expensive to produce, the armor had to specifically molded for the knight thats going to wear it.The Armor provided essential body protection from the various weapons which were used in battle including the two-handed sword, bow and arrows, crossbow, battle axe, mace, dagger and lance.

What weapons did they use?
"This Medieval weapons and the siege style of warfare changed with new technology and different weapons. The massive and deadly siege weapons included a variety of siege weapons and siege engines such as catapults, the ballista, battering ram, mangonel, siege tower and the trebuchet."

The Knights main weapon was the long sword, a four foot long double edged blade with a handle big enough for two hands to both fit. But mostly the weapons were based on how good the knight was and how wealthy the lord was to provide him with the weapons. Weapons were very expensive!

The knights also fought in games for entertainment, they used spears with a round end and rode horses at each other to get their opponent knocked off, don't take these games lightly, these are sometimes fatal.

What were they in the feudal system?

They weren't the highest class but they weren't the lowest. They played a big role by not only protecting their lord but the peasants that work for the lords. The lord will pay the knight with a place to live, armor, food, weapons, horses, and money.

Unique Facts!

Fighting on piggyback introduced the young knights to the balance and skills required in mounted combat. Also, Training took 7 years as a page and another 7 years as a Squire before becoming a Knight. Finally, A full suit of plate armor weighed more than 50 pounds, but because the weight was evenly distributed all over the body, armored knights had remarkable mobility.

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