BizTown BY STUDIO 701

On February 6, 2019, Park Village Elementary School students traveled to BizTown for the very first time, and the Studio 701 team went along to capture their experience. BizTown, a project-based program created by Junior Achievement, is geared towards 5th graders who learn about the business world. They learn how to manage their finances and create smart, money-based decisions as successful professionals, as well as learning how to take responsibility for their futures. During the field trip, students become BizTown "citizens" and run the 21 different companies by taking on important roles, such as CEO, CFO, Mayor, and many more.

We took portraits of some of the CEOs for BizTown companies from Park Village

Before heading to Biztown, students prepare with a 4-week curriculum in their classrooms. They learn about the economy, how to be a proper citizens, tips and tricks on how to run a business, and even how to interview and apply for their desired job.

The students work in groups according to their "businesses."

The students take on their tasks with pride, working hard to earn paychecks to spend on their breaks. They can buy food, adopt animals, and even have heath check-ups at the dentist and doctor.

After a Town Hall meeting, students become immersed in their jobs.

The program relies on parent volunteers to run all the businesses

The Studio 701 digital media interns worked hard to capture the action happening all around BizTown
Studio 701 Interns traveled to Park Village Elementary School to capture the weeks before the students arrive at BizTown.

Please watch our final video below.

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