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Hello Friends, Partners and Entrepreneurs!

In this end of year newsletter, we are highlighting a number of our CoWork Oasis members as well as reinforcing the importance of supporting technology and entrepreneurship education. Many organizations in the region are contributors to the collective long-term competitiveness of the region, and Cowork Oasis strives be at the forefront of these efforts. With this in mind, I’m sharing an opinion piece which the El Paso INC. recently published on their site (click here).

Access and engagement to a supportive community are critical to ongoing success. If you have not visited Cowork Oasis, I encourage you to sign up to attend a workshop or come by an interacted with the bright and energetic people who make up our community. The next year is shaping up to be full of activity, learning, and success. We’d love to support your entrepreneurial growth.

In closing, I take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful holiday season and a great start to the new year.

Beto Pallares, Ph.D., MBA, Managing Director


Left to Right: Dan E. Arvizu Chancellor New Mexico State University, Rodrick McSherry Associate Provost, Interim International and Border Programs New Mexico State University, John Floros President New Mexico State University, Beto Pallares, Ph.D., MBA, Managing Director, Lenny Martinez Chief of Staff and Office of Strategic Initiatives New Mexico State University

On Thursday, November 29, 2018, New Mexico State University leadership visited CoWork Oasis to host a gathering of the El Paso NMSU Alumni Chapter.

Over 60 attendees learned where NMSU is headed with new Chancellor Dan Arvizu and President John Floros who shared the narrative on what is behind the new slogan, “Be BOLD. Shape the Future.” NMSU is undoubtedly an important contributor to the educational attainment and the economic development of the Borderplex region.

To learn more about Be BOLD. Shape the Future. Visit https://nmsu.edu/

get to know members of CoWORK Oasis


Balaji Chandrasekhar is a Data Scientist who leverages analytics, algorithms and experimentation to solve driver supply issues for Lyft.

Balaji recently relocated to El Paso from the Bay Area and works out of the Cowork Oasis to interface remotely with Lyft Headquarters in San Francisco.

He also helps the local Data Science community by hosting Meetups out of the CoWork Oasis.

Jacob ilin, Founder, CEO

Jacob Llin is the founder for Glowbom, an educational business simulator, that helps people with no prior coding experience to build their own apps through a game and provides growth tips to help customers earn a sustainable living.

Jacob is the CEO and uses the CoWork Oasis 24 hours a day, seven days a week. His dedication and programming skills has resulted in apps that have generated well over 10 million downloads. Check out Jacob's latests program that builds you a mobile app through a game.

Press "Play Game" to build your own mobile app through the game and learn how to run a very important business.


Vela Wood is a boutique corporate law firm that has a presence at CoWork Oasis. Vela Wood focuses practice in the areas of M&A, Private Equity, Fund Representation, and Venture Transactions.

They provide a full suite of services to our clients. With a flexible billing model that focuses on relationships, not time, Vela Wood seeks to enable clients to fulfill their personal and professional goals. They thrive on turning an initial consultation into a successful, long-term relationship.

To learn more about Vela Wood visit https://velawoodlaw.com

Daniela Sandoval, Founder

Laurel Leaf is a social media marketing, web design and SEO startup that was started by Daniela Sandoval in 2017. Daniela helps her clients from various parts of the U.S. remotely out of the CoWork Oasis. Along the way you will see her four-legged companion "Roma" supporting Daniela at CoWork Oasis.

Visit Laurel Leaf at www.laurelleafmarketing.com

Victor Merino, Senior Software Engineer

Victor is the Senior Software Engineer at Freckle Education, a company that helps K-12 teachers differentiate instruction and reach every student at their own level across Math, ELA, Social Studies and other subjects vital for student success. Freckle Education has built an adaptive algorithm, which adapts to the students progress.

Victor specializes in the frontend application of Freckle. He leads a team of frontend engineers that works remotely with engineers from Silicon Valley all the way to New York City.

To learn more about Freckle Education, visit https://www.freckle.com/

Digital Empire, Mike and Luke, Co-Founders

Digital Empire started when our founders hit a wall. Trying to help countless business succeed when only being hired to fix part of a whole problem. One would develop websites and graphics but their clients didn't know how to drive traffic. The other would take photos and video with no where to send all the traffic generated. With the understanding of how to genuinely help businesses grow and prosper, DEM was Born. Digital Empire's goal is create an Online Virtual Utopia of customers that want to buy our client's products and services. We maintain conversation with our client's customers and free up time so they can enjoy their lives and continue to bring amazing services to their customers. Contact us today so we can help you too.

To learn more about Digital Empire visit www.digitalempiremrkt.com

El Paso Entrepreneurs, Listen Up!

There has never been a better time to take control of your own destiny and El Paso has never been in a better position for growth & prosperity than today.

The only way we will all survive & thrive as a city is if we collaborate and take action developing our visions.

Buy your exclusive EP Entrepreneur Shirts at www.epentrepreneur.com/

Eric Jones, Assistant Professor of Social Epidemiology

Eric teaches and does research on disasters, mental health, social network analysis, and issues in global health, mostly in Mexico, Ecuador and the United States. He's been doing social network analysis for 20 years to help people understand how their social world influences their opportunities, constraints and behavior.

In his consulting work, Eric has used social network analysis to examine, for example, the ripple impacts from alumni of training programs, the building of coalitions of science museums, the online learning of students in science classes, and the coordination of health care services in a pediatric clinic.

To learn more about what Eric does, visit https://sph.uth.edu/campuses/el-paso/

Ivan Huerta, CEO, Parabeac

Parabeac is a startup the operates out of the CoWork Oasis who specializes in simplifying the software development stage for hardware startups. This allows companies to focus on building products. Parabeac's team of experienced developers help create software on-demand in a fraction of the time saving companies money.

Overspending is the second leading cause of failure among hardware startups, by partnering with Parabeac means you will always get a fair deal. Whether you’re building a prototype or your company is ready to launch, Parabeac can build production-ready software that scales with your startup.

To learn more about Parabeac, visit parabeac.com

Brandon Picasso, Youtuber

Brandon Picasso is a resident CoWork Oasis member who frequently strolls in with BIG ideas and funny stories. His youtube channel continues to rise in subscribers with over 370. His videos include the Starvation Challenge, Running a Dog for a Political Office, and a Walmart Employee Goes Down. Brandon also has a big crush on Hilary Clinton that is sure to make you roll in your seats when you find out how serious it is.

Check out more of Brandon Picasso's hilarious videos here

Priscilla, Marketing Student

Priscilla is a resident CoWorker who is going to UTEP for her Marketing Degree. She helps manage the CoWork Oasis social media channels and provides community support opportunities to members. Every coworking space needs people like Priscilla who makes everyones busy day more enjoyable.

Carlos, Engineering student

Carlos is studying to be an engineer at UTEP. Carlos works out of the CoWork Oasis and offers other members a wealth of technology knowledge. Whether it's studying for an exam or leading startup accelerators, Carlos is there to help support the entrepreneurial ecosystem flourish.

Take advantage of our holiday special for friends and family visiting El Paso the coming weeks! Check out our prices by clicking Sign Up below.

STTE Education Awards RECAP

Estela Casas interviews El Paso Silicon Kids

As the nation continues its unprecedented focus on math, science and technology, a coalition of El Pasoans have identified a select group of local educators who are preparing this region’s next generation of professionals to become leaders in the quickly evolving technology fields.

Eight educators — stellar performers from campus programs throughout El Paso and Las Cruces — were honored at a banquet Nov. 8 at the Wyndham Hotel in El Paso.

The banquet’s lead sponsor was the Council on Regional Economic Expansion and Educational Development (CREEED) — a non-profit education policy and advocacy group dedicated to closing the academic achievement gap for area students.

The keynote speaker for the noontime banquet was tech giant Miriam Rivera, former Vice President/Deputy General Counsel at Google and co-founder of Ulu ventures, which invests capital into promising tech entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds.


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