The eruption of mount Vesuvius 79ad By Hank and Max

Mount Vesuvius erupted on August 24 and 25 79 ad.

It erupted on the cities Pompeii and Herculaneum, Italy.

The city of Pompeii

Volcanoes erupt because of density and pressure. The lower density of the magma relative to the surrounding causes it to rise.

Volcano erupting

The disaster rating that Mount Vesuvius got was 5.

The number of lives lost was 2,000.

The total amount of property damage during the eruption was 1.8 billion dollars.

Mount Vesuvius has experienced eight major eruptions in the last 17,000 years.

My. Vesuvius is 4203 ft. high.

To escape a volcanic eruption you need to build an emergency kit supply and make a family emergency plan.


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