Development in Ghana (GEOGRAPHY revision)


  • The improvement of something.
  • Countries want to develop because they will then get more money and they will be able to look after their people better.
  • Measured through indicators eg. Life expectancy, trade, income and birth rate
  • LIC - Low Income Country - poorer
  • HIC - High Income Country - richer
  • Some are less developed due to land, lack of money, lack of healthcare


  • Northen hemisphere
  • Near the equator
  • Borders Côte D'ivore, Togo and Burkina
  • Africa
  • South coast borders Atlantic Ocean
  • Capital - Accra
  • Less developed due to floods, high population, low income

LSDP - Akosombo Dam


  • The USA payed for it
  • Valco make aluminium near it - Ghana gains money from this
  • Can fish in the new lake
  • Reliable supply of cheap electricity and clean water


  • Valco will use all the electricity up
  • Thousands of people became displaced
  • Valco will buy raw materials from Jamaica cos it's cheaper
  • Water levels are so low, not enough water for the people

SSDP - Hand-dug wells


  • People decide where to put it
  • Village digs it
  • Water aid pays for it
  • Clean water - less diseases
  • Sustainable source
  • Easily accessible - closer


  • Costs £1200 per well

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