Deer Creek A small town with a touch of kink

Homeless and heartbroken, Phoebe Morris is having a rough day. The old Cadillac she purchased with the last of her money, a vehicle meant to get her two states over to start her new life, is on the fritz and stalling in the sweltering heat. With no cash to pay for the costly repairs, Phoebe would sooner take her chances and keep on driving than become a charity case for the hottie mechanic trying to keep her safe.

A retired Navy SEAL, Dane West refuses to let the weary submissive that’s putt-putted her way into his life leave his garage in that deathtrap she calls a car. It’s too hot and too dangerous for the stubborn beauty to be stranded on the side of a desolate highway, and he’ll be damned if another woman in his care gets hurt by his failure to act. When a small tug on an engine cable ensures her stay — at least temporarily, Dane shows the lovely Miss Morris just how good a little TLC (and BDSM) can feel.

Scared of Storms?

The howling wind vanished, leaving only the hum of her engine and the drum of pouring rain to fill the eerie stillness.
Sweeping away the dark, wet hair plastered to her forehead, Thea tilted her head and peered up out her window, confused.
Where did the Tornado go?

Sheriff Tom Clayton knows his deputy only arrested Beatrice to keep her safe—not only from her own self-incrimination, but from the dangerous man she opened her front door to greet. Eric Cartier is on the loose in Deer Creek, and there is no way Tom is going to let Beatrice out of his sight before the suspect is apprehended and put in jail. Until then, his little felon is on custodial lockdown…with him. Tom sweeps Beatrice away to his cabin where he is determined to not only keep her safe, but examine their turbulent past and secure their future.

Fall 2017

"This is Deputy Shawn delivered. Who is this?"

She took a deep breath to still her trembling hands. "Hey, this is Ada. Can you please come pick me up? I think I need to go to jail or something. I'm the one who shot Eric Cartier."

"Where are you?"

Adanna looked around and saw the "Deer Creek" water tower in the distance, close enough for her to walk to. "Can you meet me at the water tower?"

No Prior ConvictionS

Meet Deer Creek's New Doctor!
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