Moon Phases By Ryan grimsley

Similarities and differences between the quarter moons

  • Both moon phases have the same amount of visibility
  • Both phases are exactly seven days from the full and new moon phases
  • The 3rd quarter moon is waning, while on the other hand the 1st quarter moon is waxing
  • Both the first and third quarter moons produce the least extreme tides
  • The third quarter moon´s light is on the left while the first quarter light is on the right

Our perspective of viewing the moon is different from that of the ISS because the ISS is in a different spot from people on Earth, so they may view the moon with subtle differences from us or with drastic differences.

The third quarter is waning and the first quarter is waxing because of the position of the light the moon is reflecting. When the light is on the left and the moon is at the end of its cycle, it is waning. When the light is on the right and the moon is at the beginning of its cycle it is waxing. The first quarter has the light on the right and the third has the light on the left.


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