I'm Not a Bard Anymore ;( Being open to change



This past week, it finally happened. We finally had a mandatory class change and I am sad to say, I'm no longer a Bard. I am proud to say, I am a Mage though. Being a Bard was an arduous task, but it was a fun one. Some of the things I'll miss most were:

  • Writing Poems
  • Writing short stories
  • Writing love letters and Peter Parker's in particular
  • Using creative writing to further advance myself on these Journey Logs
Upward and Onward, I'm a Mage

I am excited for the future though because the Mage has creative qualities as well. I love making videos and videos are a large part of the Mage's tasks in the journey logs which I look forward too. One habit of mind I'm using a lot is metacognition because I am recalling all the good times I've had being a Bard. The future looks bright with being a Mage and that's where openness comes in because I am more excited rather than emotional. There are many great creative pieces to come with being a Mage. Another thing in the near future is the meeting with my teacher about my research topic. I already got the "Go" signal to do schizophrenia and based my research questions off of his feedback so the sources and information I'll get form each source should go well with him.


This was a video from Halloween I made and it's used because I dressed as John Lennon and my girlfriend was dressed as Yoko Ono. This is fitting because John constantly fought for tolerance and being open-minded which would result in the ultimate aim, peace. My Habit of Mind for this Journey Log is Openness which ties into John's beliefs.


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