Value,Emphasis,Unity Alyssa Wagaman

My artwork is of two wine glasses side by side, one is on the dark shaded side and the other is on the light side. Both of the wine glasses have the same colors, but different labels. The labels say Love and Princess. I would call this artwork Glasses, because it has to do with wine glasses. The technique I used was Emphasis, Value, Unity. I had to find the right colors that would contrast well together.

How I created this piece of artwork was using markers and pencil. I used purple, yellow, red,and black markers. I used the shading pencils that Mrs. Ladd had in her room for the shading I used mainly the darker shade pencils and I used my regular pencil for the lighter shading. After shading I used a paper towel to blend them together. I used the markers because they would make my artwork pop with the pencil.

What inspired my artwork was the idea of showing that you are the same no matter what side you are on. My artwork describes social issues, because one is on the dark side and the other is on the light side. The glasses are the exact same but different sides. Some emotions I showed were love. I showed love by putting them side by side showing that they are not that different.

My goals as an artist is to express my feelings,inspire others, and get better. I think I accomplished 2 of my goals into this piece of artwork. I accomplished was to show my feelings of the world and how people are not that different no matter what side you are on. I also showed me getting better at my artwork. For my next piece I want to try and accomplish all three of my goals and move on to bigger things.

What I learned by creating this artwork is contrasting colors, shading, emphasis, and unity. This final piece could have been better in my thought like having the glasses closer and bigger. A better job shading and contrasting. How this will influence my art in the future is by looking back and seeing the mistakes I made and learn from them. That I can do better and inspire my to try harder.

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