Life of Colonial Children By: Malia brainard

Have you ever wondered what life for colonial children was like? Well, by reading my article you can learn about colonial children beliefs, education as well as the tools they use at school. So, if your interested, dig in.

Do Colonial Children go to School?

This is the England flag that some colonial teenagers got to see if they visited England to attend school.

Children in the southern colonies who were old enough to go to school were home-schooled usually by their parents. When kids became teenagers they would go to a college or England to attend school. Although the southern colonies allowed it, other southern girls in different colonies were not allowed to go to either England or college. Unlike the schools today, in the colonial times the schools were very small. This is only a little bit of the information I'm going to share with you, Scroll down!

What did They use to Read and Write?

This is a quill dipped in ink that colonial people used to write with.

Instead of today's paper-back and hard-covers books the kids in colonial times used horn books. Usually fathers of colonial children passed on their trade to the kids to keep their business running when they retired. Instead of using pencils, colonial people used writing tools called quills. Quills were made of turkey or goose feathers. Colonial people sharpened the tip of the feather with a knife. After you sharpened it then to write you dip it in ink to create and write symbol . Have you ever used something like a quill before? Although the colonial times were different from today"s world, It still was pretty amazing.

Do Colonial Children Have Beliefs and go to Church?

Church was one of the most important thins in the colonial times

Some parents in the New England Colonies thought that every child should learn a religious belief such as Christianity. Because they thought this, they taught their children how to read the bible. Learning to read the bible often helped kids at school because they would understand how to read their school books. At school, boys learned the subjects they would need to know for college. Girls knew how to read but they were not allowed to go to college or grammar school. Can you believe that colonial time's beliefs aren't that different from today's beliefs?

This is a bible that was often used at church.

In colonial times church was one of the most important places. The church was often a place where everyone was expected to come. Sometimes the church was even used to discuss important issues. Do you go to church?

Colonial life for children was very different from your life today. Education was the reason there were so many trades in colonial America


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