Promise High ''High School is the key to a successful future''

Purpose Statement:

To educate and prepare young adults for adulthood, gives students wisdom and guidance on life and its rules,and provide high academic and behavioral standards for students.

Physical Environment

My school has a better environment than other schools because, It has more windows for more sunlight, which kind of sets the mode and makes students want to learn more. We also have more options for food, that gives students more decisions to make on their own and choose to eat what they want to eat. We also have rooms that are really quiet called "focus rooms" that gives students a better place to work and keep up with their assignments. The school also has really comfortable chairs in the classes so students are able to learn comfortably, we think that comfort is important if were having students sit in class for an hour. Each class has their own mac book storage so students wont have to take time off waiting for available computers. They'll be able to just get right on the assignment and complete it in time.


At promise high we have high quality education, where students are taught by the best to become the best. Teachers and students have well built relationships with each other. They connect with trust and bonding. Our teachers influence students to become more what they think they can become. Teachers and student do pay respect to each other because, we feel that it affects the students education and makes them want to come to school and learn more each day.

Subject and courses

Promise high wishes to give out any extra curricular classes students wish to take. We don't have some mandatory classes such as English, Since it will help the students to become more successful and understanding of the world. Math, will help with future jobs such as construction and teaching. Science will help the students to understand the ways of life. Psychology is the understanding of the brain and how it functions, it will also give guidance to students and help them make more choices and know the cause of them, based on their knowledge from promise high. We also provide other courses such as construction, parenting, auto mechanics, and so much more.


  • Students are expected to come to school everyday.
  • Cell phones can be used with teacher permission.
  • Students and teachers are expected to show and have respect for everyone.
  • Students and teachers must keep organized.

We welcome all students to promise high, where we teach from the beast to become the best. Join and become a koala at promise where High school is the key to a successful future.


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