W/C 24/04/2017

Wednesday 26th

Today, i placed enemies and objects into level 2. Such as skulls and Dragons. To fill out the level, and make it more visually appealing. I am currently waiting on health pickups and other collectables, like coins, from Jamie. In medieval type games the health collectable tends to be a food item. I would like some food/health collectables and some coin collectables and a End Sign to lead onto the next level or main menu, as all games have an item signalling the end of a level. I would like it if jamie also made a ladder sprite. However the main thing for me is to make the game so you can play it. With Jamie slacking on work, it can sometimes be hard to try and get what i want, put into the game, done.

Thursday 27th

Today, i showed my game to other people in the class, to get to comments and feedback and suggestions for my game. Such as varied damage from enemies. Need to replace one of the backgrounds for something more seamless. Need to also finish off some sprites for the character. Also make it so melee and spears do damage to enemies.

So i tried to do it using the 'OR Boolean' node. Which did not help me as it would still not work.I used to have it so melee did the damage but not spears, but now I have it so damage to the enemy can occur from Spears , I can't use melee or spears because the or Boolean didn't work for me. Today I also worked on getting some health collectibles in the game, what Jamie has made for me. We decided that the food pickups should be placed as if they are sitting on the floor as it makes it look more realistic.

From Left to Right (Knight) Watermelon, Cherries & Tainted Fruit

Friday 28th

Today, i made tried to make a chest with the art what Jamie has gave me. The functionality is there i cant get it to work, the way i wanted it to, which was when near it you would have to press a button, to open it. now i have to just walk past it and it opens spawns a fruit then closes and then never opens back up again. The next thing i want to add, which i have experimented with before, is the chest will randomly spawn an object out of a list of objects like, a coin, watermelon, cherry, fruit piece etc. I also added in Jamies sprites for the new coin which has a spinning animation to it.

Here is the chest in its opened state, just before it spawns the object.


Created with images by Frantisek_Krejci - "chest decoration brown"

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