Ender's Game Book Review By Ivanchenko Alex,MMS

Do you like adventures and fighting? Then this book is recommended to you.

Ender’s Game by Scott Card, Ender wanted to pass advanced school. But bullies got him kicked out by getting him in a fight. So he went home. To his sister and told her about everything. Then that afternoon the main principal of the school came with his assistant. He told Eender that he kicked out of school but is getting sent to space to go to school.

My favorite part is when he is thinking that he is playing a game, but is actually fighting aliens. It is war. Who will win? That is my favorite part because I was imagining all of that, and I like how Ender is the leader.

My life lesson is not to make bad choices but to think two times before doing something. I learned that by Ender Fighting the aliens

It is full of action ex. Ender saves the world. That is important because if He did not save the world the aliens would have destroyed the the world.

After Ender woke up from his sleep dart he ran out of the base and went where The aliens came in his dream. He came up to the alien very scared. Read to find out what happens next.

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