Florida Museum of Natural History BY Trey Banco

For the nature on display part of this assignment I was most intrigued by the exhibit that talked about the animals and species that were found on the coast of Florida. There were a lot of my favorite spices such as sea turtles and other types of deep sea animals. It captured my attention by making me feel like I was at the beach, the sand and sound of waves crashing on the beach made me really feel I was at the shore. I learned how the animal food chain was is so extremely important in the ocean and if we lose a species some many other animals are going to suffer. I think the props used in this exhibit made it the most rememberable and enjoyable for me. It truly brought me back to the beach and made me really want to learn about deep sea animals.
As Leopold says we need to "love, respect, and admire" the land on which we live on. I think the butterfly exhibit was one of the most incredible things I have ever seen in my life. I didn't feel like I was on campus anymore I felt like I was in the wild and was in the tropical rain forrest. This did in fact for sure provided the experiences of nature like Leopold recommends with the plants, waterfalls and many other factors I was able to truly feel like I was in the rain forrest. I sensed the true importance and need to keep our worlds forests intact and why we need to be more protective of them. The other people I was with were taken away with how incredible this exhibit was the importance of it. This allowed us to connect with nature more than any other exhibit because it truly put us in the nature and let us see how incredible the butterflies really are. This really did make me feel as if I was ethically responsible for keeping the nature intact and free from destruction and the death of animals.
This is a picture of myself in the butterfly exhibit. This allowed me to get out of my ordinary life and experience the forrest and nature almost as if I was really there. With all the butterflies, plants, and water features allowed me to escape the busy UF campus and enjoy the great outdoors. It allows us to better understand how important not just animals are but how important plants are as well because they create our ability to eat and breath in our world.
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