Trends Marketing 2017


Personalization is starting to become a more popular thing. Instead of the old mass customization strategy, many companies are now trying to incorporate personalization into their marketing strategy in as many ways as they can.

Video Content

It is predicted that there will be more video content used in marketing strategies. It is also predicted that the video content will be better than ever before. Augmented reality and virtual marketing is also expected to increase in marketing strategies.

Data Scientists and Technologists

In order to be as successful as possible, companies are starting to hire data scientists and technologists. Companies need to know how to connect all of their marketing strategies, which is why they often times choose to hire technology specialists. Research shows that a good number of companies are already doing this, but that number is predicted to increase in the near future.

Social Media

Social media marketing is predicted to change in the future. There is talk about companies not blowing up people's news feeds with generic advertisements. Instead, they will be using social media to sell, rather than annoy people with multiple advertisements that people usually choose to ignore anyways.

Customer Experience

Companies have always been highly concerned about their customer’s experience. Although, it is predicted that their focus is going to increase greatly. They believe that this will help them creative better and more effective marketing strategies.


There has been talk about chatbots being used by companies to help guide customer behavior. Companies would use technology to their advantage by doing this. It is said that the chatbots learn everything about a consumer through the use of Artificial Intelligence and data crumbs from across a person’s web to gain an understanding of each individual’s likes and dislikes.


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