Heart sleeve An artificial sleeve that helps the human heart keep beating


Prosthesis: An artificial that is made and it also have a replacement for libe lost through a defect at birth, accident or illness.

Robotic Exoskeleton: A robotic Exoskeleton is a suit from the hips and down that helps those who have paralyzed legs to work once again.

Ventricular Assist Devices: Mechanical pump that supports the heart.

RE-walk Rehabilitation System: designed for use in clinics where it can allow patients the chance to walk again. also allow people to train in preparation for using their own Rework personal system at home and in the streets.

Myoelectric: this is an electric properties of muscles.

Tissue Engineering: using a combination of cells to repair damaged tissues and organs.

How does the robotic sleeve work in the human body?

The robotic help unhealthy human heart to have the same function of carrying blood from different nerves to another this have save most of the people. As reported in Design Engineering, “[Dr. Frank] Pigula and his collaborators have designed a device that attaches to and snugly hugs the outside of the heart without having any contact with blood.” Sleeves that are connected to the heart can do the same work that a normal human heart can do This also show that there are vence in your heart that have been carrying blood and can also communicate with your nerves. “The robotic sleeve uses compressed air to power artificial silicone muscles that compress and twist, mimicking the movements of the normal human heart,” says Nikolay Vasilyev, MD, a staff scientist in cardiac surgery research at Boston Children’s Hospital and co-author on the recent study. According to Nikolay, Hi want us to understand that even when people put on a artificial hand on you. it will still have the same function because it has Robotic sleeves that transfer blood.

Is new technology better than the artificial heart sleeve?

The new technology is better than the old artificial heart sleeve because we have more chances that we can always come up with something that it’s more important than it was in the past. A veteran heart surgeon Dr. O.H “Bud” Frazier says, “What fascinated the two surgeons most was the device operates by being suspended in a powerful magnetic field, which prevents the wear and tear common in technology designed for pumping blood.” According to this article Frazier want us to understand that there is a machine that can support the human heart to move continuously without stopping and can also help them with comfortable breeding. “The south African runner Oscar Pistorius, a double amputee, has even been accused of having an unfair advantage over competitors because he runs on J-shaped carbon fiber blades.” He want us to know that you can have as many amputate as you want and this amputation can also have certain advantages over others because when people think of amputation, they are also thinking of disabilities.

When can doctors use the heart sleeve?

Doctors can use heart sleeve when someone have a damaged heart or when their heart have a big problem and they can’t breathe. Ramsey said, “And if it doesn’t take too many years, the possibilities are endless with this kind of technology.” The author want us to understand that if the heart sleeve is more important because it can help and protects anyone, people are going to have a good thing because it has an impact not only for hearts but this technology can also be used for other organs as well. Dr Roche said, “The parts of the heart involved, and the strength of the pressure the sleeve uses, can be adjusted according to a patient’s individual case.” According to this article, it’s more important to understand that the heart sleeve can also be controlled they way that you want it to be

How can someone use translated organs?

To use a translated organ you first need to find a love one and also find a hospital can have a translated organ and you will get donation transplanted organ from someone. Alexander Seifalian says, “when you’re developing organs, you’re saving lives and improving people’s lives. That got me excited.” Alexander Seifalian want us to know that if you could grow your own organs they can help others. This can also help the author in order to truly heal the future and can do more that treat the sick and fix the broken. a cardiothoracic surgeon Frank Pigula says, “Most people with heart failure do still have some function left, one day the robotic sleeve may help their heart work well enough that their quality of life can be restored.” According to Frank Pigula, he wants us to understand that there are people that have a had time living with heart failure but don’t still have problems, and in years to come techniques are still going to find out a way to help them.


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