Jing Fong Restaurant By Mandy HisTory A


This experience was incredible. Not only was the food delicious but it relates to Confusnicm and Daoism in ancient China. During this experience, the students were served food from carts and everyone was able to choose what they wanted to eat. Everyone tried to follow the rules of Confucianism and to be civilized - Li. We used our chopsticks correctly and everyone had the opportunity to pour tea for another student.

The first thing I noticed was a dragon and a Phoenix statue on of the walls of the restaurant. They were facing each other and I learned that the dragon and the phoenix were not only pretty decorations but they were also related to the ancient legacy of China.

The Phoenix is female and the dragon is male. They represent Ying and Yang. Therefore the statues connect to Daoism because it's about the balancing of opposites.

The next thing I noticed was the bamboo design all around the restaurant. I immediately knew that it connected to ancient China. I knew that it connected to Daoism because in Daoism, it's all about nature and going with the flow. The bamboos were a sign of nature.

This also relates to ancient China. It relates to Daoism because the shapes inside of the octagon are jumbled and not perfect like a pattern. The tiny shapes don't fit perfectly and Daoism is about going with the natural flow.

Waiters pushed tiny carts full of food around the restaurant for the customers to choose what they would like to eat. This also relates to Daoism because there wasn't a fixed menu.

Another thing that connects to ancient China was the relationship between the waiters and the customers. It connects to the legacy because it expresses the 5 great relationships in Confucianism. The waiters need to listen and respect the customers.

This one really shows the connection. When you look at the picture, you immediately think that it's a carrot dish...but it's not. They are actually dumplings. This relates to the rectification of names. In Confucianism, things should be called what they really are and this dish is opposing that term. Even though they are dumplings, they're still made to look like carrots.

I recommend future 8th graders to choose this experience because not only do you get the opportunity to taste delicious Chinese dim sum but you get to learn so much about the legacy of China. I learned a lot of things about ancient China just by looking at the decorations in the restaurant. From the dragon and phoenix to the bamboo design, it made me realize how much of ancient China is still with us today in the modern world. This was a very unique experience and I would encourage any student of any age to try it out. I'm sure future students will enjoy this experience just as much as I did.

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