Town of Chase My local government

1. Public Works-Bob Pott said they did some brush cutting on Safian Rd and Karcz Lane. They also worked on the large equipment and plowed, salted lots, and fixed a sign on Safian.

2. Building Inspector- Bobbie submitted report stated there were 9 building permits, 6 for a home, 2 for an accessory building, and 1 razing; there were 7 emails, 9 calls, and 25 new homes.

3. Plan Commission- Dennis Kroll said they approved a certified survey map for Nathan Register and an update was given on the lights at the stone barn.

4. Pulaski Fire Dept.-Gary Van Lannen reported the Town of Chase was the only municipality to vote "no" on the purchase of a new fire truck. The first payment is due in April and the second payment is due in October.

5. Present and Approve Finnancial Report- Jolene Schwarm presented the report of account balances, expenses and receipts from December. Copies of the report were available.

Map of Chase

The issue I've chosen is that Pulaski wants to get a new fire truck. How our government is handling this is that they voted on if they should have a new fire truck, and the town of Chase said "no". I disagree with this because we should have another fire truck to keep the community safer. A new fire truck would be useful for unfortunate events like when the bowling alley burned down. Even though a fire truck costs about as much as a small home, it will be very useful. My solution to the problem is they should vote again, and the town of Chase should reconsider their poor choice of voting no. Voting yes would be beneficial for the people in the community.

8481 County Rd S, Sobieski, WI 54171
Chase Stone Barn

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