People have goals and so do I, some accomplishments I'd love to achieve or partake in are collected here in this presentation. Some of the goals that I have listed here aren't only just to feel the excitement of finally accomplishing them, but also to improve myself to be a greater person and get to see the world for what it truly is. I love adventure and love learning new things about myself and everyone/everything around me. The goals that are listed do take time however, some with the short span of one year, others with the time of 10 years. Either way, time isn't going to stop me from doing what I love to do. Improving myself.

In a year...

In a year, I'd like to teach myself how to ride a skateboard again. When I was little, riding a skateboard was one of the most fun and fastest ways I could get to a friends house or just to spend time on when I was bored at my house doing nothing. I'd really like to learn how to ride one again as I still have a passion for it and it still is a hobby I really do enjoy.

Even though it doesn't have to be the flashiest, I still would love to get a car to be able to go where I want with the people I want without having to stress about asking someone if I can get a ride to my destination. Not only that, but it saves me time as I don't have to wait for my ride to either pick me up or drop me off from a certain place. I can either take as long as I'd like to, or as fast as I'd like to.

A hobby of mine is creating art as it is something of my creation and is unique to myself, but that doesn't mean I don't think it needs improvement. I always feel that there is a mistake somewhere in my sketch and criticize how it looks and how it should be fixed to fit my standards of "perfect". I want to create something that I view to be a finished piece and be proud of what I made.

Getting a job is something that I think is a must for me. Spending my time at a place where I can use my time wisely, learn hot to manage a company, and get paid as I'm doing it is a skill that I find to be very helpful for myself. I want to get paid to buy myself things that I find fun or enjoyable and getting a job is the first step in doing that.

In three years...

In three years I plan to head out to or be in a College University and get a degree in either Engineering, Computer sciences, or maybe even the medical field. Doing so will take lots of hard work in school, but I believe that if I put my mind too it, I can definitely achieve that goal. I also plan to go out of state during that time-frame. Arizona is not one of the prettiest states out of every other in my opinion and seeing the world is something I want to do. I love exploration and seeing new things and people's cultures differ throughout the world and traveling out of the state is something I must do to see that. The last thing I believe I can do in a 3 year time span is to become an artist. I'm not shooting to be a professional one with Da Vinci like expertise, but something where I can make web comics or sell my art for money. Doing something like that as a hobby would be great as I can get paid for what I love doing. Finally, I want to get myself a Dog as I never had one growing up, and I find them to be very adorable.

In five years...

I plan to get my own place to stay and live the lifestyle I want to live and enjoy. I'd love to decorate my room the way how I want without someone else telling me that "this color wouldn't look good with this" or anything of that nature. I just want to live on my own and enjoy my own company and learn things on my own.

I plan to get a good job in either the medical / engineering / or computer sciences fields as they interest me greatly and have a high payment as well. I love working with computers and using hands on equipment to complete a task that's been given to me. I love to work for things that I'm passionate for and hope to get a job in one of these fields (maybe all if I find a loophole!).

I plan to go out of country and explore what it's like in foreign countries as finding out what the world is like and seeing all of the natural wonders and places it possesses is something that I have been wanting to do for a very long time. I've mentioned it quite a bit throughout this presentation as I am very passionate about doing so and most definitely will take any opportunity I can to explore the world for what it is. Geography is very different around the world and the cultures there make it even more interesting and fun to be around.

It could be possible to finish this sooner, but within five years I plan to make some form of software. Whether that be a very gimmicky virus protector, compatibility software, or even a little mini-game, I want to make something that could please myself or other people trying to find the same needs that I do. I will most likely need to have someone else teach me how to do coding to the extent that I want to, but with enough dedication I can find someone to help me through the process and make the things that I want to create (whatever that may be).

In 10 years...

In ten years I plan to start a family or at least be married to someone who I can trust and feel very comfortable around. Someone who I find myself with for a very long time and can help support me and anything else that we are both passionate for. I'm not a very big family person but starting one does sound quite nice in my opinion.

I plan to have 1/4 of my tuition or even 1/2 of my tuition be paid off during the ten years I have after college. The reason for this is that I don't want my student loans and debt's to be always a constant reminder that the money I currently have won't be useful in the near future as that money should have been spent on the fee's that I have to pay for getting a very good education.

Even though it may not be the most incredible goal out of them all, but being able to pay my own taxes without any assistance from anyone is something I want to learn how to do as I can get them down quickly and effectively and save time for myself to do something else in the free time that I have given myself. Taxes aren't the most fun thing to do, but everyone has to do them.

Finally, the last goal that I have is to be able to become a much more wiser, and intelligent person than I ever once was. I want people to look up to me and feel free to ask whatever question they want to ask about anything. I want to learn from my mistakes and be able to set people on the right path as doing so improves self worth and thought. People always want to improve themselves in many different ways whether that be physical or mental, I want to improve myself much more on the mental side than anything.


Thank you for taking the time and reading my goal's that I have set for my life. I hope that this either inspires you or gave you an enjoyable time looking at what I want to do for my life.


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