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The countries that are members of the European union all cooperate and work together as one force. But some work for and against Supranational government. But also there are forces like that do not like the way of communicating and it is called centrifugal. Because there are some member countries that don't want trade maybe because of their language or wealth or maybe even jobs, or they work together and accomplish goals. They want to work against supranational government. Centripetal is for working for supranational government and centrifugal is for working against supranational government. Overall referring back to the main questions, centripetal works for, and centrifugal works against.
What is the difference between limited and unlimited government. Limited government has limited powers, and unlimited government has unlimited power. For example the Constitution has limited government or the United States government is limited.The constitution for United States of America made the government and laws. Unlimited governments might fall into the government of dictatorship because all of the power is going to one guy, and limited government which is probably the most effective and safe because direct democracy would be in that category and direct democracy is what we have in the U.S and that is safe, because more than 1 person has a say on a decision. Like the United States has a democracy government and it is limited. So the major difference as you could tell from the paragraph is definitely power but I think it can also be determined different from what is more safe and limited government is more safer for any country's citizens.
What makes a good U.S citizen? A good U.S citizen would be someone that goes to jury duty when asked to, and someone that wants to help out in that way. Also U.S citizens have rights and responsibilities. Every citizen should pay taxes. Someone that lets other people have freedom of speech is a good citizen. Someone that uses voting as a privilege to express what their thought on humans are is an example. Also A good U.S citizen is someone that stays informed on stuff that happens here in the United States of America.

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