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I thought that it was very challenging at first when I first entered the room where everything was filmed. I felt that it was very scary and that I felt nervous. When I first held the camera, I thought that it would be really easy like a normal camera but during the actual production, I think I didn't do too good. I was shaking and was moving alot and didn't follow the script. I think i've learnt my lesson on how to hold the TV production cameras and knowing that it isn't as easy as you think

Why I chose the camera option

I chose to do the camera at first because I felt it was just like a DSLR camera where it was very easy and simple to use. I also thought that I could use the tripod but it turned out i had to use handheld. I didn't think about what would happen when I chose to do the camera and the TV production didn't end up as good as it could have been.

What I have learnt in the unit

I think that I have learnt quite alot from this unit. This may not be a GCSE but I think that this is better than a GCSE. It has more practical to it and I am very happy. I have learnt about continuous episodes and separate episodes and why they do that.

Original Plan

We had started a very good plan before the Chinese New Year holidays however I thought it could have been improved alot better if we had thought about the camera positions and we were better organised.


In conclusion, I think that this has been a tough unit but I thought it was very fun! With all the practical and learning in the classroom, I think I have learnt alot more than I could in the Media GCSE course.

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