Tattoos on the Heart Marisa Banzhaf

Chapter 1 God, I Guess reflection- In this chapter I think people who were in gangs didn't believe in God or didn't trust Fr. G to help them change their life. Fr. G loved helping people and he wanted to help change people's life so they can a better and happier life. At first Fr. G wasn't getting anywhere with anyone because they are afraid that he may make their life worse. Some people wanted to change their life style, but they were afraid and nervous that Fr. G won't help them with their life because of what they have done already. Fr. G tried to help people, but he wasn't succeeding at first. He would kept trying to help them because he knows that they will come around and let him help them in their life.

Chapter 2 Disgrace reflection- In this I think chapter some people who were gangs want help to have a better life. They don't like living the life that they are having and they want some help to change their life around. So they helped Fr. G to help them change and live a better life. Fr. G always helped those who came and asked for his help; even though it help be difficult at times, but they knew that it would be worth it at the end. Many people wanted to turn their life around for the better and I don't think many people regretted asking Fr. G for help when they wanted to change.

Chapter 3 Compassion reflection- In this i think chapter people are getting use to Fr. G and starting to allow him to help them with their problems that they are struggling with. They are being more open to Fr. G and letting him help them in what they should do in their lives differently. Fr. G is thinking of ways each individual can do to improve in his/her life so they can have a better and happier life. Everyone is starting to warm up to Fr. G and starting to let him kind of take over their life for a while so he can help them make better choices. I think everyone is starting to appreciate him and on how much he is impacting on their lives.

Chapter 4 Water, Oil, and Flame reflection- In this chapter I think more people want to change their life and want to be baptized and wanting to be a follower of Christ. Fr. G was doing many baptisms for everyone who wants to start their life over and start fresh and new. Many people wanted to follow Christ because Fr. G impacted their life and so some people decided to be baptized into the Church. Fr. G helped many people whether they were baptized or not because he encouraged people from gangs to pick their life back up and start a new life before they eventually regret it. He just knows that some people wanted to change their life, but they didn't have anyone to help or encourage them.

Chapter 5 Slow Work reflection- In this chapter I think people want to change the way they live, but they are taking their time and deciding when they are ready. Fr. G never puts any pressure on anyone, he lets them decide when they want to start and have his help to turn their life around. It is different for everyone, some may have to think about it for awhile and some they already decided that they want Fr. G's help. Fr. G is always there when someone decides that they need some guidance to help them in their life. Everyone hears about how Fr. G is amazing at helping those who need help in their life.

Chapter 6 Jurisdiction reflection- In this chapter I think many people were finally realizing that Fr. G really does care about them and wants to help them in their life. They are also realizing that actions affect not only them, but others in life. Fr. G tries to help and taught them what they should and shouldn't do in life so they won't hurt anyone. He also taught them to be kind and fair to everyone. I think more and more people are thinking carefully more about their actions and what they say to and about others.

Chapter 7 Gladness reflection- In this chapter I think everyone is thanking and appreciating Fr. G for all of his work and what he has done for them to help turn their life around. Everyone is glad that they asked him to help them and be apart of their life because they couldn't have done it without him. Fr. G never turned away from on any of the homies he worked with because he knew that he could change everyone's lives. He wants everyone to be happy in their lives and doesn't what anyone to be down about the choices they made in the past. I don't think anyone regrets asking Fr. G for his help because he really changed and impacted their lives forever.

Chapter 8 success reflection- In this chapter I think people were having huge success in life after Fr. G helped them put their life back in order. Many people went on to do great things in life because they had the help of Fr. G and they would never forget what he taught them. I know that Fr. G has been changing many lives because of what he believed in and he believed that he could help and change lives. At first not everyone wanted or needed his help, but when he started helping people others wanted help and have a better life instead of the life they were living. Everyone wanted Fr. G's help because they knew how he influenced, impacted and guided many other lives in the right direction.

Chapter 9 Kinship reflection- In this chapter I think everyone finally can to realize that anything can happen if you try and trust in others to help you. I also think that everyone in gangs want help to c hanger who they are as a person. Fr. G is the person to go to do help and guidance because he will be a big impact on your life and he will help change your life forever. Everyone has no regrets asking him to help and guide them into a better life and they appreciate and will never forget what he means to them. Fr. G was a very special guy to most if the people he helped because he had faith in them that they can change. Anyone Fr. G helped still remembers and tries to keep in touch with him so they can tell him how they are doing in their live. They also occasionally visit him to tell him thanks again and just chat and catch up on things that are going on their lives. I believe that Fr. G has impacted, changed and inpired many people lives and every single person he helped couldn't thank him enough because he helped them have a better and happier life.


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