The Peasants Take Over A Revolutionary Tale: Told By JAson Cohè

Once upon a time, in a far away land called France lived three groups of people.

In the first estate there were the ruling religious officials. In the second estate there were the bad wealthy people. In the third estate were the poor people who had enough of unfair treatment.

Hello, my name is Jason Cohè, and I am one of many in the third estate. I am a doctor. I live in a one room home with my three children, my wife and another family.

Life in the third estate isn't always easy. We eat grass for every meal, while Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette bathe in strawberries and get their hair done.

We want a change, a revolution. That's why I am apart of the National Assembly. We fight for new laws and reforms. We want to end the reign of the king.

Today, June 20th, I met with the third estate reformers. We were locked out of the Assembly! How rude of the upper class to lock us out!

We made due by going to the indoor tennis court and not leaving until they made a new constitution for France. We later called this meeting the Tennis Court Oath.

When we finished everyone was filled with joy! Maybe we will eventually have our freedom from absolute monarchy. After an eventful day, I went home and instantly fell asleep.

I woke up this morning, July 14th, with anticipation. Today we will storm the Bastille.

The storming of the Bastille was a success: we stole guns, raided the Bastille for gun powder and came out victorious. Even though Govener de Launay warned us to stop we kept fighting. By the end of the day it was disassembled brick by brick.

Today is a new day for men in France. We gathered and made new laws for a more happy society. Everyone's voice will now be heard!

And everyone lived happily ever after with "liberty, equality and brotherhood" all because of the new order.

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