Jim Crow Era By Kevin Sheahan

The Jim Crow Era was a time where many people struggled to find equality between races. It was very difficult for people of color to find a job because nobody thought that they belonged and they didn't want them working.

What is above is a picture of what is the Grandfather Clause. The Grandfather Clause was signed in 1902 and it stated that if your Grandfather in your family was unable to vote would mean that nobody in your family would be able to vote in their lives going down the line

The state of Louisiana created the Grandfather clause in the year 1898, and it lasted up until 1915. This clause was also made in order to find a way around Literacy tests, and polls all in order to not allow southern Blacks the right to vote.

Above is a picture of white people at schools during the Jim Crow Era. The white people did not want to go to school with colored people in them during this time. This resulted in a boycott on schools for colored people. This boycott had lasted a very long time and it was mainly caused by the economy.

The economy during the Jim Crow era was very unfair towards blacks. The way that they were treated during this time was terrible and there was no way that there was a sign of equality when all of this happened.

Lucy Craft Laney

Lucy Craft Laney was a major help in the economy for Black people during the Jim Crow era. What she did was create the first school for blacks while people refused to have multi-racial schools. She was a major help in making sure that black people still got the education they needed in life. What she did had changed many peoples lives because she knew their was a boycott going on and that children weren't getting the education that they needed so desperately for their future.

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