Journey Log 4

Justin Wilcher-Skankhunt42


Journey log 4


Habits of Mind being used: Paying Attention

This week in class we have integrated Minecraft Educattion into our classroom. I played Minecraft when it came out on the Xbox 360 and I fell in love with it.

My friends and I got really good at the game and played alongside the updates as the game got started to catch up to the PC version. When I played the tutorial world in class I breezed through everything with little constraint, the only thing I had to adjust for is movement. I am used to playing with a controller, not a keyboard and mouse which makes everything much different. I created my first build which was to be any house, I played in Creative mode instead of survival not knowing the assignment was supposed to be that way. I still went out of my way to be creative and use the endless blocks to my advantage. I went with an Igloo because it was a different version of a house. but still a house, and used different blocks than those seen in the tutorial. I did my Oliver argument after watch all three videos from him about Journalism, Encryption, and Charter Schools. John Oliver really interested me, the amount of evidence and facts that he used throughout his short video amazed me. I knew the background for the story about encryption with the Iphone terrorist, but Oliver went into such great detail there were parts of the story that I had never heard of before. It all has to do with paying attention, I had to analyze his arguments using Logos, Pathos, Ethos, and Kairos. We had yet to analyze something for class with these Greek words. I had to pay attention to the core of the argument and what John Oliver was trying to send as his message and how he portrayed that message. In the end it was a fun assignment getting lost in his arguments for an hour total. His comedic appeal drew me into his arguments from the beginning.


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