gRANNY sPIRIT aThe Granny to end all Granny

Hi my name is Grandma Spirit, there's not much to me but i'm just a little old granny with a big heart, and just looking to help out anyone in any way i can.

granny loves this song: Ocean Man (Ween) . Its such a peaceful song, its a Granny song,

Im just a little granny that lives on the spokan Indian reservation. Although i live on this small reservation Ive got a lot of stories to tell. Ive been all over the continet going to many Indian reservations and meeting so many great people. In my free time i like to knit or read, and occasionally ill give advice to one of my fellow spokan Indians.

So today my Grandson Junior came to me and said that he punched some kid at school for making fun of him for being indian so he punched him in the face. this doesn't really suprise me he always use to get into fights on the res but he said that this kid was huge. Big enough to take down Rowdy. I wondered if he was that big why didn't be swing back. He said that he told him he was crazy and took off.I guess white people fight differently.

It sometimes gets lonely being old but i always find away to make my self smile. Whether I'm watching the birds fly or fish in a pond. Ill sit there for hours knitting, reading or just listing to the radio. Also i like long and peaceful walks and just watching the sunset. Yep just a quiet peaceful life for me.


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