Alexander The Great Timothy Mitchell

- Alexander the Great was a Ruler of Greece in the fourth century b.c. As a General he conquered most of the ancient world, extending the civilization of Greece east to India.

This is a statue of Alexander.

- He ruled from 331-323 b.c. He was born July 20th or July 21st. His dads name was Phillip II. Phillip the II was also a Leader. Alexander wanted to follow in his footsteps.


- No one really knows how he passed away, there are theories though like Poison, Maleria, Typhoid Fever, or other maladies. What we do know is that he suffered from a high fever that lasted 10 days.

Alexander receiving assistance in his bed.

- Alexander burnt down both palaces only by using sword and fire. He also looted the treasures. Why he burnt thebe's down may never be known and I dont think there is anything left behind that would tell why he did it.

Picture of them taking thebes out.

- Alexander the Great was actually tutored by Aristotle until he was 16 years of age. He was known as the king of Macedonia. He founded 70 cities naming atleast 20 after himself. One of his horse.

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