Meet The Teacher A Magna ACADEMY Media Production 2019

Year 10 Media Club

Hello. We are Scott, Freya, Elliott and Hope. We are all Year 10 students at Magna Academy in Poole and we are all mad keen to explore a range of Media projects to broadcast Student Voice. We also want to give people outside Magna a look at the life of the school and the people who make up our community.

This project is called 'Meet The Teacher'. Every now and again we will be interviewing and photographing one of the Magna teachers. We will be publishing each interview as a microsite (like this one) and then broadcasting it via hyperlinks from the school's social media channels.

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Thank you.

Our next volunteer interviewee is Miss Cudapas ... for this interview, and for the interview with Mr Surrey, we decided to break the team of four into two groups of two and get both done in parallel. The interview you are about to read was created by the male half of the team, Scott and Elliott.

Yes, the girls may think "Aha, we published first!" but little did they know it was our tactic to post immediately afterwards.

Miss Cudapas is an amazing teacher at Magna Academy and is a favourite among students. She teaches DI (Direct Instruction) and, more specifically, English. She is doing a fantastic job and we hope this interview makes it known just how amazing she is!!

Like our previous volunteers, we wanted to ask Miss Cudapas a few questions to help students and their families to get to know her better too. We hope that this interview will help accomplish this because establishing a friendly relationship with your teacher is an extremely important part of school and, more importantly, helps in...

absolutely smashing your GCSE’s!!!


Firstly, we asked Miss Cudapas the usual starting question…

How are you today, Miss?

To which she replied:

"I am very good thanks"

We then asked her a more interesting question, being...

"what has been your proudest moment as a teacher?"

She happily told us that her opportunity to be able to teach Direct Instruction for English within the Academy has been so rewarding and:

"witnessing the positive outcomes"

Congratulations, Miss,

Next, we asked her the usual humorous 'name question'..'

what would your super-hero name be if you used your first pet's name mixed with your first partner's surname?

To which she replied...

"Morrissey Moore"

Quite adventurous, right ? She then added...

“The Smiths were one of my favourite bands. So, my pet was named after Steven Morrissey.”

Next, we asked her:

"what was your favourite thing about school when you were a student?"

She responded quickly that it was Science - because her teacher, Ms Murray, was an inspiration for her teaching today. She obviously loved English as she had the best teacher for it, Ms Quinn. She then told us something quite inspirational in answer to the question, "Why teach English?"

“Words are powerful and influence what we say and do. You are always challenged… every day is a school day!”

We followed up on this with a linked question:

What do you think is most important for a teacher to do?

She told us that you must...

“Place yourself in the shoes of your students. Be accepting of their personalities. Lead, motivate and inspire them to achieve. Each student needs to know how important they are.”

Now for the more interesting, personal stuff…

We understand you were a common face on TV growing up, tell us more…

Believe it or not she told us that she was a child on Mr Jolly's Roundabout stop on BBC-TVs' 'Playdays' (how amazing!).

Then she told us...

“I was also fortunate to be in a signed girl band under the record label of Mike Stock from Stock/Aitken/Waterman, circa 2005-2008. We toured nationally and had a single release. It reached #42 in the charts, so it didn't quite make it! But anyway, that's the past,.. I'd choose teaching over singing any day!”

Gotcha Miss!!

Looks like we have our very own celebrity @MagnaAcademy!

We then asked...

Who is your look-alike?

She laughed and told us that it was:

Mutya Buena from the original 'Sugababe' girl band from the early 2000's

Next, we asked her:

What is your most inspirational quote?

She said: "I'm a massive Rocky fan" and this quote is one she loves...

Pretty amazing right??

We then asked her another interesting question...

What do you hope to achieve in d.i.?

She replied that she wants to continue to spread the word about it and get many more schools involved. Then added..

”DI changes lives! It gives students (who feel they won't succeed) the opportunity to do well. It's a fast-paced, highly interactive method and the students love it. It's designed to close gaps in their learning.”

Finally, we ended the interview on a motivational question...

WHo is your inspiration?

“My parents. Both from The Philippines, growing up in hardship. They worked hard to get an education and have always taught me the importance of education. Today, my parents are successful retired business owners who have worked extremely hard for what they have today and I totally rate them for that!”

A massive thank you to Miss Cudapas for taking the time to do this interview because, after all, it is great to find out interesting facts about those who teach you, right?

Watch out for the next issue of Meet The Teacher. We hope it goes down well with the Magna community and with all our friends in the bigger world, as the last issues have. 😁

The Magna Media Club

Created By
Scott and Elliott (Y10 Media Club)


All our photography of Miss Cudapas was taken by this student team.

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