Of Mice and Men Thematic Final Project Facing reality: Kosi Agina

Motif: Facing Reality

Theme: Not Facing reality will lead to bad things happening and will waste time.

Of Mice and Men

"God a'mighty, if I was alone I could live so easy. I could go get a job an' work, an no trouble"(Steinbeck 11)

George and Lennie were supposed to go to a farm in the book and live happily ever after, but George knew this couldn't happen. He knew Lennie was a liability to him, but he doesn't face reality and continues to put up with Lennie. Not only did this waste George's time, it also resulted in the death of Lennie.


"He is not dangerous. No one can make a garden as he can... He is a good boy"(Steinbeck 4). Franklin Gomez, Tularecito's guardian in the book, doesn't face the fact that Tularecito needs help and that ultimately leads to Tularecito almost killing a few people and being sent to an asylum. Also, Gomez would've saved time if he would've came to his senses.

The Chrysanthemums

"Elisa's eyes grew alert and eager. 'She couldn't have known about Chrysanthemums. You can raise them from seed, but it's much easier to root the little sprouts you see there"(Steinbeck 5). Elisa, the main character in the story, doesn't face reality when the man on the wagon asks for Chrysanthemums. She gets super eager, forgetting that women in this time period didn't do things. This leads to her crying at the end of the story when she sees her flowers she gave to the man are on the side of the road and she makes excuses for why he did so. If she would've faced reality, she wouldn't have gotten hurt and would've saved the chrysanthemums seeds.

Connection to the real world

In society today, many people do not face reality. People think they can achieve things easily and not put in the work for it. People suffer because they do not face the reality of things. In all three of these stories, a character from each book doesn't face the reality of things and I believe Steinbeck is trying to tell us as human beings and people that facing reality is the best thing to do.


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