Let there be Chickens! How chickens are changing lives in remote northwest Kenya

Forced to flee their homes

Post election violence forcibly displaced hundreds of thousands of people in Kenya back in 2007. About 2000 of these women, children and men live in an camp for Internally Displaced People (IDP) in remote northwestern Kenya today.

Photo: Women repairing their shelter in the IDP camp

The remote region makes it difficult to find a way to make any income. The harsh climate quickly breaks down their mud brick shelters. They hike over 3 miles to find water by digging 3' down into a dry riverbed and filling their plastic jerrycans.

Life is tough

Photo: Women heading out to fetch water from the camp

Let there be chickens

25 ladies in the IDP camp started a community business. They each took out bank loans, pooled their money and built these chicken coops. They are the only local egg business for hundreds of miles. Business is good.

Listen to Pauline share about their business

IAFR partners are changing lives

Individual donors and a grant from Tyndale House Foundation have provided funding to build additional coops so that they can increase the size of their business to 2000 chickens without going further into debt. Building has begun!

Thank you!

We will regularly visit the IDP camp and check in on how the egg business is going!

Photo: Outside of an IDP camp shelter

IAFR is helping people survive and recover from forced displacement.

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