HD 5 SETUP Instructions Spectur

The packaged Camera box should contain the following parts. Lay them side by side as in the picture.

1. Solar bracket and arms. 2. Main camera box. 3. Pole mounting bracket. 4. 50 W flood light. 5. Screws. 6. Security sign

The following tools (not included) are required to complete assembly.

Tools required
Unpack the 50 W flood light and place it next to the camera box as in the picture.
Using the two M6 bolts secure the flood light to the box
Next connect the light plug
Using the provided keys, open the door. Then find the antenna and SIM tool pack located inside the box.
The small plastic bag contains the sim card tray tool. Have the antennas handy for the next step
Turn the camera box such that speaker is facing you. Remove the red plastic Antenna covers.
Connect the antennas as shown being careful not to over tighten them
If you are supplying your own SIM plan, the next steps show how to insert your SIM card in the 4G Modem. Note: If you have bought a Spectur SIM plan please skip these steps and proceed to the battery step.
Locate the SIM card tray and using the SIM tool press gently to open the tray.
Remove the SIM tray from the modem. Note that the tray's hole side is facing towards you and will be damaged if accidentally reversed. This is very important as the SIM must be inserted on the other side.
Insert your SIM card aligning the cut out edges
Replace the SIM tray remembering to face the hole side towards you.
Next we will prepare for installation of the Battery. Firstly unpack the Battery cable.
Connect the Battery cable with the bolts provided, matching the wire colours to the battery terminals. Then remove the PVC tape on the connector side of the cable being careful not short the connector to anything
Place the Battery next to the Camera box and plug in the Battery cable. Remove the bubble wrap covering the front glass. Now wait 5 minutes for the system to boo up. Now click here to login and test the system. If you are seeing a Live images disconnect the battery cable and re-apply the PVC tape ready for later on site installation.
Layout the Solar Panel box and brackets as shown
Unpack the screws pack and locate the four M6*20 bolts and washers
The Solar panel will have three sets of bolts on each side. Do not take the bubble wrap off the panel just yet.
Remove the bolts on each side
Lay out the M6*30 bolts, washers and nuts ready to assemble the panel arms to the solar panel
Note the marked holes on the panel arm. We will be using those holes to connect to the solar bracket
Loosely attach the panel arms to the bracket using the M6*20 bolts and washers (from the pack) as shown. We will tighten them later.
Use the set aside M6*30 bolts and washer to loosely connect the panel arms to the solar bracket. Again, do not tight the bolts just yet, we will do that later.
Note the spring washer should be between the flat washer and nut.
Next have an M6 (ratchet) spanner ready (not supplied)
Install all the remaining bolts and nuts as shown and use the spanner to tighten. There are 14 bolts to tighten. Make sure ALL 14 bolts are tightened properly as failing to do so may cause serious injury.

Great! Now we can proceed to install the Spectur Camera

Using the 8 self tapping screws provided, secure the pole mounting bracket to the pole as shown. Please note the direction of mounting with the threaded bolt facing up.
Next have your Spectur camera system ready to install on to the pole. i.e. Camera box, Solar panel and Battery
Remove the M8*20 bolts, M8 washers, M24 nut and M24 washer from the top of the box as shown. Place them in secure location.
Place the camera box on the pole mounting bracket
Make sure the camera box is facing the preferred direction. Then secure using the two M10 nuts and two M6 bolt-nuts from the screw pack
Place the Battery inside the box, remove the PVC tape, and then plug the Battery lead in to the camera lead.
Next place the assembled Solar panel next to the panel cable from the box
Push the panel cable through the solar panel bracket as shown
Then rotate the panel so that the solar panel is facing North
Secure and tighten using the two M8 bolts and M24 Nut previously removed.
Connect the Solar panel plugs to the camera box solar connectors as shown
Finally lock the door and safely store the keys. Your camera installation is now complete and after 5 minutes will be online and ready to view

Congratulations!! Your Spectur camera should be now up and running! Ready to protect your premises!