Photo Phinal Sadye sobel, bita maknouni, aaron klinsmann

Spell i-cup - Photograms
;P - pinhole camera
Looking through the pinhole camera!
GOIN FASTE - For slow motion/blur have a shutter speed of 1/50
IM A BALLET WOOOOOOO- for freeze motion use an f stop of f/1600
Communism only works in theory - Focus forefront, blurry background
s - Key light
fake and gas
e x p o s e d
oooooooh levin on a prayerrrrrr- polaroid storyboard
bang bang - luigi - Loading film
CHANGE THAT FILM- used for changing the film into a canister to process
This is a profound message in mortality. Why are we here? What is our purpose? We never will know, until our inevitable end, and even then we may be left wondering.- use to develop film in the canister
DELOPE THE THE FILMMMM - Put a mix of water and developer in, and slowly rotate
HURRINACANE WATER- used to wash off extra chemicals left on the film
DSFSDF- photo fu used to get extra chemicals off and clean film
hang aGanH- putting film in the dryer so that it will dry
Negative carrier
WELCOME TO THE WONDERLAND- entering the darkroom
Add A Caption - used to expand the film using light and expose the aper to the picture
aaaaaq- developer (up to 90 seconds), stopper (at least 30 seconds), fixer (at least 3 minutes), and lastly water bath (at least 5 minutes).
Why do I tire of counting sheep (please take me away from here) when I'm far to tired to fall asleep? - Contact sheet
grain fpovud-used to focus the picture
gotta go faste- a tool used to assist in the grain focusing process
spider fingers- test stripes used to find out what amount of exposure best suits the picture taken.
Patrickkkkkkkk- Use burn and dodge to get better definition of darks and whites
who's Fred!
squeeegeee- used to get the water off and dry the photo before the dryer
OMNOMNOMNOM- The dryer is the last step in developing the picture. It takes off all water that remains on the picture after it has gone through the Squeegee
Dry mount!
The thrilling finish to the series, we end where we began... ; ) - The camera settings

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